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Cayuga Fishing South End of Cayuga lake in Novemeber/December

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Hi, I'd love to get any help here. I  just moved to the lake South-East end this November.  I have never fish the lake at this time of the year.  I'm fishing from the shore and would like to know what has been successful in catching trout/salmon in this location and time of the year.


Anyone ? Any hints? 


Thank you as always to anyone helping out



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 Familiar with the area.. There is a little park in Ithaca    called East Shore Park... You can fish there as long as there is open water... You can park there as well, and can walk north for miles along the railroad tracks and find plenty of  spots to fish from shore.. Its not "fast" fishing by any means.. a LOT of skunk time, but you never know when a big Landlock, Brown, Laker, Rainbow, or huge Pike will grab your lure and head for the hills,, I have caught some monumental fish there, but you need to put the time and effort it.. I have always liked BIG 1 oz Roostertail spinners, they have been   pretty reliable for me, but spoons such as Cleos and similar are good too,, Weighted Rebels or  Rapalas  are also good, but during high winds often you just won't get the distance.. Lots of guys fish all winter at Taughannock Park as well, and again, there are some big fish caught, and it can happen any time, but  there is a lot of dead time between hits.. Sometimes days on end.. Best bet there, is a big lively sawbelly, under a big slip  bobber, and a pretty long cast.. Guys catch fish there, but its windy, freezing cold in mid winter, and  while you may catch the fish of a lifetime, be prepared to put the time in.. You earn every good fish  you catch from the shore in Cayuga in winter.. I used to do it, and got some great fish, but at 68 now, it has a lost a lot of the appeal it once had.... bob

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This time of year you won't be finding live sawbellies in any bait shops......they are out in very deep water at this time of year. Golden Shiners may be available though and they hold up better anyway. The Northern Pike also favor them though so fishing from shore on Cayuga you may encounter them as well. Get the largest shiners you can. Another possibility is frozen sawbellies or frozen smelt if you  can find them, or as a last resort using the commercial shad (in jars or packages) sold in tackle shops or Walmart or Running's for example.

When fishing with dead bait cast out as far as you can, let the bait hit bottom, take up the slack and let it sit for a while. Occasionally move the bait a foot or two and set the pole back down and continue this tactic, and repeat.


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