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Ice action

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  Prof T and I tried the perch yesterday at Long Point and only got a few. Switched it up and tried pike on SLR bay today and had a slow morning catching only 3 released bass, a perch and a just keeper pike.  
   Prof T decided to pack it in and I stayed as I had just caught the pike on a jig pole.
Wouldn’t you know right after he left the pike turned on. Ended up culling the small pike and landing three good ones and a small one in about an hour. Easy to release fish with the todays temperature as they weren’t freezing.  Two caught on tipups and one on the jig pole. 
To make it worse it was at his spot! 


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Before  I released the smaller fish I made sure it was in good shape. It was a cloudy day with temps in the low 30s so it wasn’t freezing on the ice. Under those circumstances fish can remain viable out of water on the ice for a fair length of time but this one wasn’t out of water for long. I can assure you it strongly swam away or I wouldn’t  have released it as it was legal size.

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