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Leadcore with torpedo and/or snap weights


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Sorry to say after a lot of looking I am still unsure about how this would work.  Adding my first leadcore setups this year (5 color and 7 color with #18 lb. Tuf-line Microlead).  I would like to use these for running lures deep, which is my biggest problem especially at speeds over 2 mph.  So ...  Should weight be added at leader/leadcore connection (30' - 50' leaders) or at leadcore/backer connection?  If answer is the first location, then how much extra depth per ounce can I generally expect?  If answer is second location, then I would have to let out backer to get weight into water and actually effecting depth and I am very confused about how I would know how much backer to let out to achieve depth I am after at the lure.  Just to point out why I am not looking at dipsy's it is because I have RAM composite rod holders and have been told by numerous people they won't be strong enough for Dipsy pull.  I am also considering a set-up with 30 lb braid (no leadcore) and then running Torpedo divers at leader/braid connection and simply following the dive charts provided by Torpedo for each weight.


Feed back appreciated.  Thanks.

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I reckon you could add a snap weight at either end but I think most folks add it just after the leadcore.  Advantage being is that if you think your LC is running 4ish feet per color, you'd have a slightly more accurate guesstimate if you added a couple ounces and another 50ft of line out.  Not sure if there is a good rule of thumb here as there is a great deal of drag added with several colors behind the boat.  Current and speed will have a big impact.  You can probably get around this if you used a real heavy weight and dialed it in with a fish hawk TD but I dont think most folks do this.


Torpedo weights have the advantage in that they have a calibrated dive chart using 30# braid.  Current would impact this much less as the braid is considerably thinner than LC.


Your rod holders are not strong enough for a standard dipsey but you might get away with small ones but you'd need to be careful.  I think that many would say that a 7 color and snap weight would be pushing it as it is.  Better rod holders would be a good investment if you plan to do this stuff with any regularity.


My 2 cents...


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Add the additional lead weight at the connection of the leadcore and your backer line so that you still have the benefit of the whipping action of the leadcore.  If you add the weight at the leader end the additional weight will kill the action.  You can get an additional 5ft per ounce of lead added to line at 2mph.

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Probably the best starting point would be to install a couple real sturdy metal rod holders....then you would have multiple options and not potentially lose equipment:o Actually one of the better fishing investments.

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So you want to troll at 2+ mph and get “deep”?   Regardless of what presentation you use a good solid rod holder is required.  Not inexpensive, but at least today there are good choices from a variety of manufacturers.  This is a good time of year to hit flea markets and used listings for guys swapping stuff around.  Invest in a track system and buy as you get the $$$. Most of the track mfg’s interchange between brands.  The proper gear saves money in the long run.

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Thank you for the replies so far.  The idea that adding a weight after the lead core (at leader core junction) would  kill the lead core action is one of the reasons I was questioning if guys run the weight at core/backer junction.  If anyone does that, can you tell me how much backer do you let out and how do you determine the running depth of your lure.  With the RAM rod holders I have I can troll with Magnum Tadpole divers and have hooked into salmon and decent size lakers without a problem (just need to set the drag a little looser).

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We used the smart troll system for these findings using 

shallow diving lure

50’ of 15# leader

18# leadcore 

20# backer line

2.5mph down speed

3oz snap weight


before we always hooked our snap weights to our backer line right where the leadcore connection was and found it would take us about 37’ down

when we hooked the same setup with the snap weight at the leader/leadcore connection we would be about 43’ down. 

if we hooked the snap weight at the second color of lead(on the leadcore itself) it would be about 50’ down 

numbers are close to what I remember but may be slightly off


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