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  1. Dang Mikejones! I have to find me a suger mama like that! I always find the pretty/dumb ones! OK, that might have been mean. Back to school I am going to pursure my MBA, but I was thinking about gettnig a teachers certificate so I can fish ALL SUMMER LONG! If I could only go back in time.
  2. Hey Mikejones! How about a grant for grad school?
  3. I am an Inventory Control Supervisor for a Science Education Division. The three companies I wok for are Wards Natural Science, Sargent Welch, and Science Kit. We have some cool things here! We make our own Preserved Materials, we have a slides lab, a Chemistry lab, Geology Dept., Osteology Dept., and so on. Anything to do with Science education in schools we have a hand in.
  4. We fished the west side about half way down and the ice varied from 2-5"s. I was walking with my auger when I felt the ice shift under me. It was only 2"s there. I was drilling a hole and watched a crack run between my feet. The thinner ice was out past the drop off. Im thinking this weekend should be fine. I am planning on Doing a tourney at Silver, Avon Anglers, on Saturday and then going to Honeoye on Sunday.
  5. WOW.....didnt realize the amount of money I had tied up inrods and reels. As far as I can remember off the top of my head I have: 22 trolling outfits 23 bass outfits 1 ultralite 1 flyrod 1 noodle rod 4 ice set-ups Of course I didnt buy all the trolling setups, but I use them . If I were to put my dad and brothers other rods into that count it might touch 70 :shock: setups.
  6. Reel is in good working shape with some surface scuffs. Hasnt been used in a few years and figured I would sell it and put the money towards something else I dont need. $25+$5 Shipping.
  7. Reel is in good working shape with some surface scuffs. Hasnt been used in a few years and figured I would sell it and put the money towards something else I dont need. $25+$5 Shipping.
  8. I wanted to try this last year, but never got around to it.
  9. Fished here from 6-11. Two quick flags in the morning, and we iced 1 24" Pike. Then nothing till we picked up. Not much excitment here either. I think the weather turned a lot of fish off this weekend.
  10. Fished from 11-3. 1 flag, which was probably a perch. A few small perch on the tip downs. That place sure is not what it used to be for some reason. Lets hope it picks up!
  11. Thanks! I am planning on being there Sunday morning.
  12. I would say mine had its highs and lows. The low part was the 10 pointer I screwed up becasue I used the wrong pin on my bow. It happened so fast and at 25 yards it should be a piece of cake, but I put the 40 yard pin on him . I also hit and never found a smaller buck with teh shotgun, but I would put the blame on myself for not practicing with my gun more. It was about 110yd shot, so I put the crosshairs on its back and squeezed. Hit him high but never hit any vitals. Couldnt find him. The high part to my season was the 5 point I got with the bow. I wasnt going to shoot him, and actually passed on the first opportunity he gave me. But I started to think that I didnt have a 5 point at home. I had a 4, 6, and a 7. So when he gave me the second opportunity I took him. I also took 2 doe with the muzzleloader this season. First dear I have killed with it.
  13. You might have a problem with floating docks in that area of the river. With a North wind that first section of the river gets rockin and rollin. I would think they would need to cut a section into the parking lot ,similar to how it is on the East side of the river by the swinging bridge. They really need to do something, becasue our port compared to every other major port on the lake sux! Those floating docks down the river are usless becasue whats down there for a boater? All the action is up near the beach.
  14. Let me know the ice conditions at Conesus South end PLEASE!
  15. Steve, keep an eye on how he bends those spoons! PM me with any and all secrets PLEASE!
  16. I'll be there either Saturday morning or afternoon. I cant wait! I love those Conesus pigs!
  17. I dont think that is a great price either!
  18. OK, I appologize about the late report! 1/27 - fished from 6:30-3. 6 flags 3 pike all hits came on pike chubs. Mst of the action came later on in the afternoon when the wind picked up and the lake started to rock and roll. Fished the old pipe grave yard. Man I am pizzed they removed those pipes! 1/28 - fished from 6-12. 6 flags again and no pike. 5 flags were live and 1 was smelt. Brought the tipdowns to keep the ol' lady happy and we iced about 14 perch. Kept 6 that went 10-12". Not a lot of perch action but the ones we did get were nice.
  19. I have heard outboards are easier to work on, but I dont know personally.
  20. I think Bill is staying in my Marina. We are at the Boat House.
  21. Matt, I too looked into them before I got my Scotties. If i remember correctly they dont have shut offs when the ball reaches the surface. That might be a problem coming from cannons where your used to the short stops.
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