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  1. Maybe something else left a hole there, and these are purely cosmetic to cover the old hole. I've done the same thing on my boat to cover old flush mount rod holder holes..
  2. I still use them. dodger/squid, and flasher/fly.... gives them an option.
  3. I've been running 7 foot downrigger rods, and 7 1/2 foot wire diver rods for a number of years now. I think it's easier to get leverage on a fish with the shorter rods. My wire diver rods are 2 piece musky flipping sticks from Bass Pro at $25 a piece, add a twilli tip and good to go. If I'm fishing down 70 ft. or less I use Slide Divers with 20ft. of 30 lb. test mono attached to the wire with a #8 Spro Power swivel. I can have a longer distance between the diver and lure, but the diver sliding down makes netting easy. Deeper than 70 ft. I switch out to #5 Chinook Divers with 6 to 8 ft. leaders between diver and lure, harder to net on a small boat, but worth effort to get the divers deep. I've been using 50 lb. test mono between the Chinook diver and the lure, easier to hold onto when hand lining the fish in. If I run a spoon, I add a fluorocarbon leader to the heavier mono. This is what works FOR ME...... lots of ways to skin the cat...
  4. I can relate... I've left the toggle switch powering my autopilot on, but picked up on it the night before going out. Plugged the charger in overnight, and was good to go. I double check everything after each trip now.
  5. Rob, I fish out of a 17 footer, and run the program you describe. I stack the riggers 10 ft. apart with the probe 'rigger deepest in the cold water, then run lines up every 10ft. from there. One wire diver on each side, one deep, and one in the middle of the spread. This is just a starting point, fine tune the program from there. It's a very manageable program for 2 guys on a smaller boat.
  6. The Pirate spoons are junk, they never catch fish..... send them to me and i will dispose of them for you....
  7. I would consider Scotty Downriggers. They use a gravity feed clutch to lower the weights, only use power when retrieving. I've had the short arm 1099's for a number of years and love them.
  8. I fished out of Braddocks for a few hours Monday morning. Worked the 70 - 160 range, 3 for 4, lost a nice one on the wire, 1 brown and 2 small kings off the riggers on spoons and Apex. There are fish and bait in the area, lots of hooks 70 -110 deep, 50 degrees at 80 down. Had a number of "streakers" around the spread but struggled to get them to go. No real pattern, Stinger NBK, watermelon Apex, white Pro Troll paddle & white/ silver fly. A number of boats in the area, and a bit deeper. Maybe the evening bite will be a bit better.
  9. I run Apex lures 4-5 ft. behind flashers every trip out. Very productive setup.
  10. The VK's are in the water every trip.... I usually will run an apex behind them They have a nice action..
  11. 1982 OMC Johnson outboard motor, 9.9 hp Posting this for a friend, please call him directly with any questions. Call Dan: 585-392-4401 Located near Braddocks Bay in North Greece For Sale: 1982 OMC Johnson outboard motor, 9.9 hp., two cycle 50:1 mix. Good condition. Original aluminum prop (9 ½” x 10”) not dinged up or dented, never replaced or needed repair. This motor has not been abused. Paint is all original. Low hours and stored always in garage. I have owned since 1984. Formerly used bass fishing in the Thousand Islands. Motor only for sale. Boat, trailer, fuel tank, etc, not included. Price: $ 325
  12. I don't even bother with the thread... coat the tape with clear nail polish.... never had one come apart.
  13. just use a heavy rubber band around the handle to hold the net..... easy peasy
  14. nice mounts but....... shouldn't the flag on the tip-up be up??
  15. Perhaps a cheap plastic cooler just big enough for the tank, bolted to the swim platform from the bottom with stove bolts and wing nuts, easily removable. cut a slot in the side of the cooler for the fuel hose, drill a few holes in the bottom to drain any rain or spray water.
  16. I sometimes use the top of my fish cooler as a fillet board. a few wet terrycloth hand towels from the dollar store keep the fish from sliding around, and keep slime and blood from running down the sides.
  17. Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine and materials Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine and 30 rolls of spawn sack material. Make me a fair offer, buyer pays shipping.
  18. Running 30lb. mono for 20 years... no problems. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  19. X3 !!! https://www.purpletacoflysupply.com/
  20. Unreel, Once I get setup out there, I slowly increase the gain until dots appear on the screen, then back off just a bit. I can see my Blacks stacker releases on the cable down 80ft.. If there is a good thermocline, you'll be able to see that too.
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