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  1. My nephew's first major king, early August out of Braddocks Bay... 21 lbs. We had friends over for the Super Bowl, and had a feast of Yellow Perch..... now he wants to try his hand at perch fishing. I took him with me this fall..... the smile on his face was all the thanks I needed. ...We have a bag in the freezer for this year's Super Bowl party..
  2. I have used 7 1/2 foot musky flipping rods for wire slide divers and Chinook divers for years, they will work fine
  3. I have been using 7 1/2 foot muskie rods from Bass Pro with twilli tips. Just finished their 5th season, $25 a piece.
  4. J.D.

    Perch and crappie

    Iharold.. telling us where you are would be a help. No need telling you about perch around Monroe County if you live in Watertown...
  5. X2... also do the same with a mono leader in front of wire.
  6. As this setup is new to you, the winch on the trailer may be too small for the boat. A larger winch with with a longer handle and different gear ratio, along with a strap, not rope used to pull the boat forward. I have a 17ft. Starcraft deep-vee, full windshield, riggers and weights, and a 300lb. 90hp outboard.... and can crank the boat up the bunks with minimal trailer in the water, I'm 59 years old and 160 lbs.
  7. You'll be alright .... just don't eat the amoebas unless fully cooked. USDA suggests amoebas be heated to 175 degrees F.
  8. re post your question in the panfish section of this website.... you will get more info.
  9. Copy that.... we have been working 200 / 250 FOW before the flip and were doing well. I had a newbie on board today and hoped to score a few browns without venturing into too "sporty" a chop..... didn't want to scare him off .
  10. Fished the inside waters from the Genny to Lewis Shoal, 60 to 100 FOW. Wind was brisk out of the SSW, waves building as you move deeper, 17 ft. tin boat, so stayed close today. Good temps..... 55 degrees 70 over 90, a few nice bait pods, very few hooks on the screen. Cycled through many lures and sets...... 3 1/2 hours.... first skunk of the year.. Fleas are there, but manageable. Back out Monday AM Jim S..
  11. Deep water temp off Rochester was 75 degrees last night, NE winds have caused an up welling.... temp. is 45 degrees as of 10 am Sunday
  12. mfox062 may be new to LOU, but I've known him for a number of years, and have seen this boat many times at the company fishing tournaments at Sodus Bay. The boat is in very good shape for its age and has been well maintained. Mitch is a straight shooter, stand up guy. Buyers will have an easy time working with him. This will make an excellent fall perch rig for someone once the big lake boats are put up for the season.. Jim S.
  13. Once we have an up-welling and the cold water rolls closer to the surface, the adults will die off. Every thing with them is temp. driven.
  14. Just do it yourself... Check out mudhole for parts and how to videos. I just put new fore grips, lower grip covers and line guides on my 2 old wire diver rods ...all components ordered online . Changed out the small fore grips to nice 8" EVA grips.
  15. Erabbit, I just got and e-mail that you quoted my post.... I ran out to the garage and took a few good pictures to upload. My box is 5/8 exterior plywood covered in marine carpet. It doesn't have a bottom, just a 4" strip of ply across the center, side to side, and a cutout along the bottom on the front. This keeps the plano boxes off the floor and allows for air flow. The top overhangs the front about 3/4" so I can open it without a handle or ring pull. Jim.S
  16. I made a step just like that for my 1996 Starcraft. It holds 8 Plano 3600 size tackle boxes.
  17. I run fixed cheaters all the time. To change lures, I release from the rigger, and put the rod back in the holder until the spoons reach the surface. Raise the rod tip high and reel in SLOWLY !! If you crank the spoons too fast, they will spin and tangle together. Let the lures "swim" back to the boat..... Retrieve slowly and you will have no problems.
  18. I think Steve.e has it right. Add cash and bragging rights into the equation and most tournament guys clam up. As a weekend warrior, I still fish like I did before the interweb was around..... watch the wind direction for a few days prior to fishing, stop and check water temps. with a probe on the way out, pick a starting point, then adjust to what I see on the fish finder. Half the fun for me is getting things dialed in on my own. I am also guilty of not posting info. after my trips.... I will try to correct that laziness from now on.
  19. VK flashers from Finland, pulling an Apex 4.5. Best combo for me the last 2 years ( I'm just a weekend warrior ) black / purple / silver flasher, with a purple / silver UV apex took 2 of my 3 kings Friday morning.
  20. emk101, welcome to the addiction!! I took my nephew out Friday morning, fished just West of Braddocks Bay. picked up 3 kings, his first "big " fish on a wire diver. All fish in the 220 / 250 fow range, approx. 75 / 90 deep. Check out this you tube link, ... lots of good info to get you started. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdcBRDO8JOP6Ruoqcf2M7tQpvG-0-VTL9 Welcome to the club!! JIm S.
  21. 1 rod on each rigger with fixed cheater or slider, spoons all around. 1 diver with flasher / fly off the side - not down the chute. 3 rods, 5 lures, change up lures size / color and lure depth every 30 minutes until something fires.
  22. X3.... largest brown ever for me was on a Super Slim gold back chicken wing. (16 lbs)
  23. I've mounted a few in my day... make sure you check motor position in both the upright and stowed positions before drilling holes. If possible, mount it so the head unit can be supported along the gunnel if you are going to pound waves on the big lake. My long shaft head unit is supported with a RAM mount when I'm not using it. Link to Ram Mounts http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-108
  24. I've been using the VK flashers for a few seasons now and really like the action they produce. They are adjustable for different actions, Here;s a video I found showing them underwater. I run them on the setting shown in the first video segment... sort of an erratic swimming action. I'm not affiliated with the product in any way, I just like them.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5e2OKLUYTw
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