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  1. Big thanks to The LOSTA crew they did a fine job with the event. Still think Tim set me up with that "spoon" selection in the grab bag
  2. Warmest water would be off the powerplant discharge.
  3. Though the fish may run a little smaller than on Lake Ontario, they don't know that. They hit the same combos and colors that the Kings do. The Fingerlakes fish don't know they are on a small pond .
  4. Put a flasher and fly on them and run 2.2 to 3 and you will catch fish on them. Lakers can swim faster than alot of people think. Chrome dipsies in the bright sun with a chrome finish flasher works good for kings too.
  5. E.L.O.S.T.A. Nautical and Fishing Tackle Sale 2015. Saturday March 14th 9:00 to 1:30 pm Brewerton Fire House 9625 Brewerton Road ( RT 11) Food & beverage available $ 1.00 admission (used to help send kids to DEC camp) Vendor tables available for $25.00 each for more info , or to reserve a table call 315-252-6439
  6. How Big is your new boat ?? The x-4 has the old eyes display with the big # 's and I can see mine from the back of my 22'
  7. Well Merry Christmas !! Three more rods
  8. Blow some of that hot air our way !!
  9. I am with you !! Everything. I like seeing the hummingbirds comming accross the lake about the second week of Aug.
  10. The days are going to start getting longer !! Halfway to spring
  11. Great vidios Ray Thanks for letting us see your fun
  12. What rules your parents set down. I got in trouble for that when I was a wee lad. #28 fly hooks with mono thread and an Icefishing rod & reel got the job done.
  13. Keep checking the tournament section of this board
  14. The trees around my house look like they are forming buds .
  15. Boatbandit .com sent me an e-mail they have the lowrance elite hds-7 on sale for 299 with out a transducer and good prices on Vhf radios too.
  16. Fish Dr. roller dipsie rods with 30# wire and a good linecounter reel . Light enough for the fingerlakes and strong enough for the Ontario Kings
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