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  1. Hey guys, For his high school senior engineering class project, my son is proposing designing and building a device that mounts to your swin platform to hold your cooler in place without the use of bungee cords. Part of the project is to conduct a survey to collect level of interest and desire on features. Would you mind helping him out? Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/a/ga.hiltoncsd.net/forms/d/1VC6rIcs86Fr95CBeZHJrmYIOvG8upsLadSMMM2pUWcU/viewform Thanks! JAM
  2. Ah, the ones that got away... We've had our share of those this past week. Nice report! JAM
  3. Ditto for Braddocks today. 63 deg water all the way to the bottom out to 175. This season certainly has been tough! JAM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Lake had flipped this morning. 47 deg on the beach at Braddocks this morning at 6am. Surely some fish in very tight. JAM
  5. Yup, the king bites have been tough to come by this year. Keep workin it! JAM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Nice job Kev! JAM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Good job. Same story Sunday morning (early before the NE wind started around 11). Also got a couple steelies in the next larger class 11-12 lbs. They're there! JAM
  8. I have two perfect Mag 10 riggers with rotating bases and single rear rods holders for sale. One is spooled with coated wire for your Moor Subtroll or Depth Raider. First $500 takes them. 585-705-3556.
  9. Wow was it tough out there -- all week! I still can't believe we took 5th place with one king and two little cohos. We also found our fish East -- we went a couple miles past Golden Hills. A lot of boats stopped at the Lighthouse, but we wanted to get past all the boat wakes and noise. There was some 46 degree water tucked into a couple of the coves. We took our king on a Bobby Fuller Finger Lakes Tackle regular size spoon off the rigger 50 back and 7 down over 24 feet of water. Many thanks to Kevin, Penny and all the great folks who hosted the event!!! JAM
  10. Call Todd at Ranse's Canvas - 585-739-8730.
  11. Don't forget the classics for steelies: Orange Crush and Greasy Chicken Wing in standard (28) size... JAM
  12. Hi Vetting, What you're experienceing with your Convectors sounds like what I've only had with the Coldwater. I've never had ANY drag issues with the Convectors or Clarions. Go figure... JAM
  13. I like the F-11 in Gold and Silver, and the J-9 in Gold/Flouro Red. JAM
  14. Hey Brian, Yeah, that's the thing about Okuma... guys either love em or hate em. I have had great success with the Convertor 30-D for wire dispys and 45-D for leadcores. Never ever had an issue, and feel they are smooth, nice loud clickers and great handles. The big Clarions (553-LS) are awesome for 500 coppers too. Big, smooth, and fast. The Coldwaters are a different story. I ran a 303-D as a wire dipsy last season and will not buy another. I can't ever seem to get the drag set just at the edge of holding. I hear there is a 'free' upgrade to fix that, but I haven't looked into it. Anyone know the details? JAM
  15. Save yourself a hundred bucks and use an Okuma CV45-L. Perfect 10 color leadcore reel. $62.99 at northwoodsoutlet.net. JAM
  16. Kevin, I think braid would not be a good choice for a couple reasons: 1. fleas 2. Cannon short stop would not work I'll probably just use the Scotty bright silver cable. JAM
  17. I run two ratcheting Bert's holders in Bert's tracks on each side for dipsies. Work perfect and never an issue with them in 5+ seasons.
  18. Haha! WWGD? Kevin, you're right! Donate it to the lake!!!
  19. Here's one for the "thinking about way too much detail" crowd... I'm replacing the coated cable on my probe rigger since I have an X4 on the Christams list this year. I noticed Scotty cable is bright silver and Cannon cable is camo brown. Do any of you think there is a difference in which might spook fish, attract fish, etc. My corner riggers are Cannons and have the brown camo. I have a spool of the Scotty bright silver but thought I'd ask opinions before I use it. thanks, JAM
  20. Fill it with 30 lb mono which is fat enough to keep most of the fleas off. I use Big Game. Then add a 20 lb fluorocarbon leader. JAM
  21. Nice post! Bobby Fuller would be proud of a couple of those! JAM
  22. Here's a schedule. http://www.seatechmarinetraining.com/schedule.html There is one starting in Rochester this weekend. JAM
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