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  1. If you are interested in a party boat, I recommend the Miss Pass a Grille. I've been on it 3 times now and have been very happy each time.
  2. The ones I found on ebay were half-price of the Blacks.
  3. Mike, search outrigger releases on ebay and then bend the wire loops 90° in the same direction to run on your tow line...
  4. I have used copper with inlines, it really needs to be on a big board. A good king will pull the inline down and it is no fun. I know you like inlines but in this case I would suggest running it down the chute over using an inline. It really isn't that difficult to run down the chute.
  5. Tying a wire knot to a smaller Spro swivel (50 or 80# power swivel) then tying on the mono works good for me.
  6. Why not send your Sealines out for upgraded drags and handles?
  7. 3/16 if your setup is the same as mine.
  8. I think it is 3/16 but I'll look tonight when I'm in the boat.
  9. I just called them the other day because my probe that I've been running until now quit sendinv signal. Service was just as good as the other 2 times I've called, once for a probe issue, a transducer issue, and now. I am more than happy with their service.
  10. I have both Cummings and Ranger and like both. I had a "Canadian Scooper" style hoop and hated it compared to a regular hoop.
  11. So far I like them. Been running them about 3 weeks. I think they are slower than I remember the Big Jons being with their previous motors though. However, I couldn't justify the upgrade until the motors died because I didn't have any problems with them until then. An earlier upgrade would have been for cosmetics...
  12. Here's a link to what these reels are with the exception of no line or switches. https://www.bigjon.com/product/single-electric-planer-kite-teaser-reels
  13. These reels died on me last summer and I sent them in over the winter for warrantee repair. I upgraded to Cisco's at the same time so they are now for sale. They received new motors and gear boxes. The reels, clutches and backup handles are original. They have older Cannon plugs to allow disconnection. They have the larger brackets and will clamp on up to 2" pipe. There are no switches or line because I used them with my Ciscos. I can text pics I'm asking $275 each. Pick up in Oswego or Liverpool, shipping is extra. PM or text (315)527-3652. Thanks, Andy
  14. It wasn't my idea by any means. when I bought my 22' Penn Yan, Mr. Fisher had the riggers locked that way. Twister is related to him.
  15. On my x4 it will still give surface temp without using the probe. I would suggest calling fish hawk directly. They are very helpful. Good luck, Andy
  16. I'm selling 4 Daiwa ADP 57LC's. All have seen relatively light use. Some scuffs from riding in the cabin. 2 were used for long leadcores and are currently empty. 2 were used for mono slide divers and are full of 30# Big Game. 1 is missing the linecounter lense but still works fine. $45 each for the 3 and $40 for the one without the lense. Pump is a Jabsco hand piston pump that screws onto the dipstick wih a hose to discharge into a container. $30 Pickup in Liverpool or Oswego. Shipping extra. PM or text but I have HORRIBLE cell service at my apt so I might not respond too quick. Thanks, Andy (315)527-3652
  17. I'd suggest Oswego. If its still a little rough from this blow you could spend some time in the harbor while it settles down.
  18. Check it near your compass and see if it pulls it before drilling holes. I had a Uniden radio pull my compass but not an older Standard Horizon. Definitely something to consider.
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