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  1. It should have canvas and it is probably at Catfish Creek.
  2. I've had a bucket setup like that for a few years now too. I took a 2 gallon bucket and suspended it inside the 5 gallon bucket for a second tier. Then to add a 3rd tier, I found a small wastebasket that fit inside the 2 gallon. I'll try yo get a pic of mine Tuesday when I get up to the boat.
  3. The buyers I've talked to aren't anywhere close to that price live or cleaned...
  4. Bullheads were $3.50 a pound live at the Syracuse Farmers market today. I was surprised to see them there.
  5. Its not that difficult...in a head on situation, boats should pass Port to Port. AND no boat shall force another into shallower water/danger. So that boils down to...Going East gets the Beach and going West goes around and deeper... On the South Shore of the Lake... As far as spreading boatds way out, that falls into courtesy. I wasn't out there but I have an idea who was.
  6. I can't say I've had any trouble. I've been able to get ahold of them on the phone whenever I tried during business hours. I've ordered on the phone many times and had to call them for a couple warranty repairs on older rod holders and service was very timely.
  7. A #5 splitshot will hang a scorpion or stinger spoon back 100' in under 3 FOW. Two #5's will hang in 6-7 FOW. I hardly run sticks so I usually start off with scorpions on the starboard board and stingers on the port board.
  8. I heard tonight Wright's is open.
  9. Don't worry, she'll still ask when to expect you home...
  10. I didn't think they were heavy enough for the heavy gear. Trout fishing they were fine.
  11. I also think the same about the power Bob. I just booked mine to my Big Jon switches and same fuses and they've operated fine.
  12. Wear gloves when using blue kote otherwise you'll be wearing almost as the dog...always seamed to get everywhere when I used it.
  13. I've owned both also. Big Jobs worked fine with the dbl keel otters when I had them and also with the hard pulling boards from Hank I run now. After maybe 3 seasons they died and I upgraded to Cisco. Cisco pull the same boards fine but slower. I've used them 1 season now. So far, I consider it a cosmetic upgrade since I can't speak on their longevity yet. They are much nicer with the mounting adjustability though. Price is getting pretty close between both now too.
  14. Looking on the Marine Point Forecast on NWS, the corner of the border which is the closest point to Oswego is give or take 16nm NW. Depths at about 10-12nm in that direction are variable between 500 to 600' or so where I've been.
  15. They were bangin' away in the swamps in Canastota this morning. I've been seeing plenty of birds in the few beavr ponds I've been around too. Small water hasn't froze enough yet...
  16. For just your family or a couple buddies, its a nice boat. I had a Rwge for a few years. It should do everything you need it to. I towed mine with my Dakota and never had a problem, the truck now has 237k so it didn't beat it up too bad... I've towed it to Otsego Lake, Skaneateles, Owasco, and LO ports from Olcott to Port Ontario before I started slipping it in Port Bay.
  17. And if you are using a non-swiveling rod, let it spin with the rifling. A Rifle rod has a swivel handle so the rod spins free from the handle as it travels in the rifling.
  18. Wingmaster??? Much better than the Express... I prefer the Winchester 1300's myself. They fit me better. I'd be ashamed to post a pic of either of mine...one will kill deer and the other, rustoleum black will kill everything else. Neither are pretty but if I had a pretty gun, I would be worried too much about scratches and not focus on hunting. Today, however, my fairly modern Savage 111 30-06 probably topped off the freezer in short order...
  19. 1-4x20 Leupold shotgun scope here. Best money I've spent on that Winchester pump. Haven't shot it in about 8 yrs since I always hunt in Madison County and carry my Guide Gun or bolt action. Shot it today and it put a big smile on my face since its what I grew up with...probably gonna carry it for oldtimes sake this season. That gun isn't a handicap one bit.
  20. Two other points to mention for hunting... If you use a variable power scope, keep it on the lowest setting, makes finding your target easier on close animals and if you need higher power, you usually have the time to adjust on further targets. Get flip-up scope caps. If you can't afford both, just get the back/eye piece and keep the gun pointed down. Invaluable for keeping rain out. Keep some paper towel handy and check your lenses often. Then you are ready when you get your shot.
  21. Remington used to have trajectories on the ammo boxes, do they still? That would give you an idea of the general trajectory for the round without individual firearm variations. If they don't, they used to be on their website.
  22. Don't start to overthink where you aim...from 0 to probably 125 yards just aim at the center of the vitals with a 100 yard zero. Don't get wrapped up in aiming high or low. The vitals are like a pie plate. A couple inches high or low of the bullet impact is still in it. If you are going to shoot out further, then hold higher as Skipper suggested.
  23. I rarely use any case on my guns, right or wrong. A soft case won't protect from any major drops but will protect from scratches. Keep the scope on. Then there's less possibility of losing zero. Like JimB said, the recoil is more shock than normal carry and transport. They make "Snap Caps" for dry firing firearms. I would get one of them instead of risking damage to the firing mechanism. Good luck, Andy
  24. Holy cow you guys spend a lot on slugs!! I had to take a deep breath and suck it up buying Winchester Super-X rifled slugs at $4 for 5. Its only deer we're shooting... I saw Dead Coyote for $54 for 10 last I saw them they were $20.
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