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  1. There was a dealer at a show I did in PA. The duck boat they had looked pretty rugged with nice compartments and features. The only thing I didn't like was that when they drilled a hole for attaching hinges and latches, they never cleaned up the aluminum filings. This boat was filled with them.
  2. He's got it stored in Mexico.
  3. How much is an average brown gonna fight thru an inline board anyway? I'm with Bottomfeeder, try it and see.
  4. Look at pics of Predators too, basically the same. Check out pennyanboats.com.
  5. If someone kills a trout for the whole purpose of collecting eggs, is that "wanton waste"?
  6. I can't believe you guys are trying to avoid an inspection that costs less than $10. How is that train of thought fairing for the guy that had the tire come off and kill the woman in Syracuse? No reg or inspection offers the lawyers the claim of full negligence in that case...all so he could save probably lesss than $40 a year. Had he had all his paperwork in order, the accident probably would have happened regardless but it opened up a whole other can of worms. I've also seen trailers getting checked at Wright's Landing on several occassions.
  7. Flat knobs or the newer rounder knobs on the handles? Where are you located?
  8. If everything is first priority then nothing is first priority.
  9. Letting us know where you are from might help also.
  10. Good for you! I've been daydreaming Florida's Golf Coast for about 2 weeks now watching all sorts of youtube videos.
  11. I haven't noticed any spreading in the Traxstech tracks I have. I had tracks on a previous boat and my current so combined, I've been running tracks since 2008, chartering and rec fishing part time.
  12. Are you referring to track systems or Traxstech products?
  13. Traxstech also offers a track bar. Make sure to check them out also.
  14. There's not much you can't see with the 600. I can see my down n out dypsy at 95' or so under my weight. I don't know what the extra few $100 will buy you. Granted there are more fishfinder settings to play with than what is offered by transducers but mine runs good. BTW.. I run a Humminbird 958 and an Airmar B60 thruhull.
  15. I haven't had a problem with Malin and I'm sure it had brought 100,000+ fish to net across the lake... I normally run Malin but do have one rod with Torpedo 7-strand right now I ran half the season and no issues. If the operator doesn't screw up the wire, I don't know how much different the "good" brands can differ. Main rule...don't let it slack. Reel the diver all the way to the rod tip before you lay the rod down or leave it swinging but don't leave the diver hanging and then set the rod down and let the wire slack between the diver and the rodtip. If it curls and gets pulled tight it will break. Some brands may be easier to fix the screw-up but its much easier to not screw it up to begin with...
  16. Check out Lowes in the cabinet hardware section for drawer locks. Might find one that works.
  17. Are you asking if it has pockets or tunnels? It has pockets, partially recessed props not fully recessed. Nice history lesson Vince, thanks.
  18. I like the 8' Heartlands for my riggers also Rick. I wish the 8'6" wire roller rods didn't have the price tag they do though. I really like the one I have but honestly can't justify spending what they ask for those rods to buy a matching one.
  19. Just my opinion from what I've experienced on my own boat without an elwctric trolling motor... Keep one a starting or dual-purpose for trolling on the motor and running everything else while the motor is running and keep the deep cycle for the electric trolling motor. You have to draw the deep cycle down, I ruined 2 in 2 seasons by just running it trolling on the motor. The deep cycles eventually wouldn't hold a charge overnight to even run the bilge pump. I never drew them down enough. As far as running everything on the deep cycle, do you really want to run your downriggers on it until they can't come up or your fishfinder quits from low voltage? If you operate on your motor with the deep cycle, you won't draw it down enough for the motor to not maintain a good charge. Run the deep cycle for your electric trolling motor and whatever you run without the motor and keep a starting or dual-purpose for everything you run with the motor on.
  20. If you mount one in the center you probably won't get a flat single plate in there. There is a step inside under the transom. Everywhere else you should be fine and get a flat plate nice and snug.
  21. I have a 10STX as my center rigger. It gets plenty if action and haven't had any issue yet in 2 seasons. Let it down with the knob and you can slow it as you get to your depth. I run 13# torpedos and a 15# on my probe. It doesn't slow down at all. It isn't normally the probe but if it is, it is WAY faster than the Mag 5HS which is usually the probe rigger. Maybe if the boom was all the way extended, it would be jerky but short off the transom, I don't notice a jerky stop.
  22. I ran 47 ADP's for 4 seasons and never had a problem either. The Okuma's are MUCH more comfortable and smoother though.
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