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  1. I used them on my wires. I like the reels BUT the drags operate different than any other reel. If you back the star off, they don't loosen until the reel is cranked a couple times. I started uaing a pinchpad release on the wire next to the reel and I can leave the drag loose and the fish will pop the release if it needs too. otherwise I think they are nice and smooth and very comfortable. I've never used any other Okuma trolling reels to compare them.
  2. I actually wondered tonight if you were the couple that talked to me that night! I was swapping a FishHawk transducer that night, unbolting from the bracket and bolting up the new one. I'm sure you'll love the new ride!
  3. Now if you keep her on the Green Dock, there will be myself, Cannonball Runner, In The Box, Mike and you and a couple normal weekenders with smaller Penn Yans. The dock will be majority Penny's and mostly Predators. Congrats on the purchase and your long search!
  4. I've got a pair of Cabelas breathables that have been pretty rugged in the beaver swamps, non-insulated and bootfoot though. They were around $240. There is plenty of room in them to layer for the cold too. They aren't meant to be fishing waders though, more for waterfowl.
  5. Hank gave me very similar words of advice once, "Run what you have confidence in and forget about all that other stuff, if you change out to random stuff, how do you know if you are missing fish on your good stuff?" Thanks again Pops! Another good lure for me this year was an old Apex that Mac10/Randy gave me that I ran behind a white green dot spinny.
  6. When did Cisco's become comparatively priced to Big Jons? They were MUCH more when I priced them 3-4 years ago. I might be in the market again since one of my Big Jons is dead and the other is not far behind. I'm sure they would warrantee them but I don't pull otter boats so theee's a good chance they will die again.
  7. Adk, there are always fish to catch. If the staging fish won't play, slide out.
  8. Looks nothing like the hybrid I got last year. Head shape and eye placement are not even close to the one I caught. Granted, the one I got was 31# but the eye was much further back and had a longer snout. Wish I could post a pic from my phone. I say coho.
  9. Are you docking at Wrights and going to be there in the morning Saturday? I'd be willing to use my probe to test your boat before 6AM. I'm on Green Dock. Andy (315)527-3652
  10. I've been running 15# leader for spoons and haven't broke one off during a fight this season. How old is your Stren? You should be good with appropriate drag. Flasher rods and mainline on spoons get 30# Big Game. I did have a fish take a spoon when I was in the cabin and didn't see the hit and get to the rod quick enough to loosen a tight drag and the same with a flasher on Saturday but I think that broke at the twists for the Blacks release. If your Stren is fresh, your problem is something else.
  11. For a combo unit, I've been more than happy with my HB 958c and Airmar SS60(little boat) and B60(big boat) transducers. It will show track on the gps. I also mark bait and fish on plane cruising at 25mps. My only complaint would be the loose fitting power plug. If I bash a wave hard it may knock out the unit. It happened much more on the 22' Penn Yan.
  12. Lookd to me that the only change is the increased fee for non-residents. I believe all the violation part was already policy.
  13. For sale: 15# black shark. Used about a month, price sticker is still legible. Selling because I got a new 15# torpedo to replace the one I lost before I bought the shark. I don't want to ship. It can be picked up in Liverpool/Syracuse or Oswego. Thanks, Andy (315)527-3652
  14. On my 27H brown trout rods, I can get three reels filled from a 1/4# spool of Big Game. 30# spool has 440yds so you'd be looking at about 140yds on a reel. If you get Opti 30# wire which is .012" you will get most of 1000 feet on it, enough to be comfortable. I have a 27ADP with this wire on it.
  15. You won't get a reading on your display unless your transducer AND probe are in the water. If your boat is on the trailer, you could dismount your transducer from its bracket and raise the bucket to it with the probe upright in the bottom of the water. The methods mentioned by the other guys (cross the electrodes with wet fingers or put in water) will show if the probe turns on with the red light but I think your question asked more than that.
  16. The wire knot will also work to attach the swivel and pass through the rod guides and levelwind. I think I'm using the 50# or 80# Spro power swivel.
  17. I bought a HB 958 3 or 4 years ago and am still happy with it. I have never used the factory ducer though. My only complaint about the HB is the power connection is kinda loose, if I bash a wave hard, it jars enough to shut down the unit. It did it on my 22' Penn Yan and also on my 28' Penn Yan if a wave hits right. It doesn't do it trolling though on the big boat. Again, my only complaint...
  18. I would certainly call John Mann to get an estimate. I have a Penn Yan Predator and had him do the top, sides, and drop curtain this Spring. No front windows on mine but it was much less then $2800. I hope John doesn't see these prices...
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