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  1. That is a great example of poor ethics. But it does show hw resilient deer are! I'd hate to be the buck trying to mount her...
  2. Back in May, I was at Salmon River Falls. 2 cars got broken into just before we got there. The Troopers were there when we got back to the parking area. The crooks don't prey on just fishermen...close to the same area though
  3. I shoot heavier weight with G5 Montecs but I'm sure they would perform well on a lower weight bow. I have had good results with my compound and crossbow. They shoot really good groups. They are re-sharpenable too with a basic flat stone.
  4. Fixmymercruiser.com has had the best prices on manifolds I've found. Good service too. Good luck!
  5. Just get some round toothpicks. I usually loose them.
  6. Decent number of bites, lots of slippage. All spoons in 135-160 FOW.
  7. Check this out for some passive repellant suggestions... http://www.penfield.org/Animal_Control_Feral_Cats.php
  8. I fish in Oswego and Lakers have been good with other fish mixed in. I'm sure Mexico is the same. You gotta put your time in, more than a couple hours mid day...there are fish to catch. Good luck!
  9. Best advice is read your owners manual. My Barnett manual suggests not to leave it cocked more than 4 hours. I cock it once I get in the stand, it would be too much movement to do it after you see the deer.
  10. Strip it off on the deck of the boat letting it pile as it wants to. Tighten the screw and hand wind a couple passes on the screw then power it on paying attention and tensioning it with a leather glove. If you dont shuffle the pile of cable, it should pickup fairly tangle free.
  11. Do you mean it is slipping the clutch or the gears are skipping teeth? The clutch is the knob...
  12. Vetting, I use a 50# spro power swivel and it reels up just fine. Probably the only time I might have anything stuck at the connection is when the cotton/pollen is real heavy.
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