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  1. Yes, got some in my ice fishing box.
  2. And that's only in your yard Bob. I was right over by the Wegman's Dog Park.
  3. Just a reminder to keep a look out for them. I went for a 20 minute walk in a small woods in Liverpool yesterday and woke up today with one stuck to my chest. Growing up around Vernon and Canastota, I had never encountered them even thru last season. Yet 30 miles west, Syracuse area seems to be a hotspot for several years.
  4. I've used Scotty downrigger braid for several seasons now without any issues. Clippers go down really good.
  5. It was a real clean boat when Dave bought it a handful of years ago and the price is very impressive!
  6. Then when all the fishermen are playing nice like we were in Oswego Saturday, the sailboat under power cuts through and pushes a boat against the lighthouse and hanging their gear on the end of the wall...the sailboat could have easily skirted East of everyone and out the channel just fine with plenty of room.
  7. Yes, very few places...I try to buy local...
  8. I'm looking for more Lymans. Will buy used or appreciate leads on a shop that has them. Pulaski doesn't have any... Thanks, Andy
  9. Lucky Dutchman/Feeder Creek Lodge is a couple miles away too.
  10. They aren't the dark woods animals anymore, there's no food there so they had to leave... They are booming in farm country! Plenty of edges that hold game, beaver ponds, and everything else. Eye Tracker, the last thing I would do is turn a beagle out on one...you don't want her trashin' off when you hunt and at night the fisher will likely turn on her.
  11. Try spraying it with the washdown hose or a bucket of water.
  12. Eddie,it was great having you for those two days. It's great that Drew is making such a strong recovery also! He did great on the rod considering is surgery. You guys are welcome anytime and feel free to call if you haul your own boat. The sunrise shot is more impressive on here than it was that morning, you take better photos... Andy
  13. John, does the boat still have: Blue Sea System fuse panel in the cabin under the helm for electronics Fuse panel in transom for riggers Johnson Aquajet 70psi washdown pump wired on a relay dual batteries on a switch Aluminum bar and track across windsheild for over-head electronics mounting Track on helm for electronics mounting- slide everything out and lock up for security while away... Spare prop Airmar B60 thruhull transducer will adapt to many brands of fishfinders with the appropriate cord. This boat rides great in some rougher water and was very reliable for the 3 years I owned it.
  14. Don't let going offshore scare you, there's fish out there too. If it is too far to run out of Mexico, launch at Oswego.
  15. Fuel consumption varies greatly depending on where you fish too, how far will you have to go to start fishing. If you are looking at Mike's Prohunter in the classifieds, I'm sure he would tell you how much it uses.
  16. Blod Run told me the 20 and 32# are the same diameter but are different tests because of composition. I like the 32# that I used for short coppers but all my long stuff is 45#.
  17. I'm sure you can find them up there too..."Old Forge Hardware", Ace(?) Hardware across from Old Forge Hardware, corner store in Long Lake across from Stewarts. Snelled hook and crawler always worked for me, also a leader and wooley bugger. Watch for the right bounce in the rod.
  18. I'm looking for one. Let me know if anyone has one they want to sell. Thanks, Andy (315)527-3652
  19. Is the 3" the level of your float switch and that's why it never gets deeper? Check for cracked plastic thruhulls for the scuppers, bilge pumps and anything else.
  20. Heartlands are unavailable. I searched high and low for 8'0" medium and finally found them on Overton's on sale. They still had 8'6" shown.
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