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  1. Almost all 2 stroke engines that are run on a low rpm while trolling have a problem with unburnt oil building up in the exhaust housing no matter what oil you use.It just does not get blown out of the exhaust outlet because of low pressure connected to low rpm.Believe it or not but at low rpm the exhaust housing will partly fill up with water and the unburnt exhaust oil and gunk floats on top of it until it gets out by either running your engine at a high rpm for a while or by pulling your boat out of the water.Both Johnson and Mercury engines have exhaust ports at the top end of the exhaust housing but the fumes usually only come out when the engine is run at a low rpm.this is also because of the above mentioned reason Usually you find out about it when you come back home and see this black, grey or sometimes bluish or greenish (dependent on the tc-w3 oil color) gunk coming from your lower unit. A good way to get rid of it is by running at WOT for a few minutes before you load your boat onto the trailer. If you want to make sure that you do not pollute the environment,you can use a synthetic oil. These oils produce far less smoke and they are biodegradable.They also cost a lot more than regular oils Whatever you do,do not try to use less oil than recommended.It will destroy your engine. A little bit too much or even a lot too much oil will not hurt your outboard in any way.
  2. Hello. I am looking for the middle section of a walk through windshield for a 1984 18 foot Sylvan. Please send me a PM if you have one or know of somebody who has one. thank you ,Cornelis.
  3. I have 2 plastic covered bright yellow pancake 8# downriggers and a few black balls 6 and 8 pounds. I mostly use the pancakes because they have less blowback,but I am wondering about the color.Would it be better to paint them black and maybe put a reflective scale pattern sticker on ,or is this just a waste of time? Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Cornelis.
  4. (Your Name) : rolmops ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6-14 Time on Water: 05.00-10.00 Temp/Weather: low sixties,sunny Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH) Waves: calm Surface Temp: 56 Location: over 100fow LAT/LONG: W31-33 =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: 1steelhead,1 laker Hot Lure: superslim dreamweaver silver with reflective fishbone pattern/ 3 ounce green bucktail Trolling Speed: 2.1/2.8 mph Down Speed: Boat Depth: (110 ft) Lure Depth: 100 ft/35ft ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Left ibay around 05.15 and headed for deep water.there were a few fish around 50 feet,but no takers.Continued to 100 feet and saw a few scattered bait pods with following big fish.They were mostly around 40 feet.I put one down rigger at 45 and the other at 35. After 2 hours the one at 35 fired and we had some fun with a steelhead dancing on the surface.It threw the hook after about 2 minutes.In the meantime we started trolling/jigging with a wireline with a 3 ounce green bucktail,bumping it on and off the bottom.This resulted in the only fish landed,a 7 or 8 pound laker who was safely released. A beautiful day on the lake. (add pictures and any other details not captured above here)
  5. Try: www.sideimageforums.com and direct your question to Greg Walters. This is the unofficial sideimaging website of humminbird and Greg is a customers service expert. He helped me out big time with my 575. I can honestly say that I never had such good and caring service from anyone as I had from the humminbird people. I had a problem with water squirting up because the transducer is so big.They figured out a solution and sent me a small rubber boot that solved the problem.All of this for free.
  6. My 1984 18 foot Sylvan is aluminum and it is a deep V.The best of 2 worlds.The 17 foot flat rear aluminum boat (Duratech Orion)I had before was so light that it was hard to cut through waves and we were sliding off the side of larger waves.That boat was made in 1963 but it had no problems with the hull or rivets,even after 45 years.
  7. The ethanol may dry up some hoses,but that is not the main problem.Ethanol loosens up the dirt in your fuel tank and you will have to check your filters regularly.If you do not have filters,the dirt that is loosened up will clog your jets. If you have a fiber glass fuel tank you are in trouble.
  8. A very different and probably cheaper setup is the type that is used on "brush bandit "wood chippers.The cable is connected to a screw type round handle which enables you to do very fine adjustments. There is a push button in the middle that allows you to pull or push the cable in and out for large instant adjustments. I installed one of those on an Evinrude 9.5 that I fixed up with an after market remote setup.
  9. Yes that early morning weather pattern,you alerted me to is really very valuable.I knew about it on Cape Cod Bay,but I never realized that Lake Ontario is big enough to have its own weather patterns.Thanks again for that great piece of advice. Now if I could learn to set up a program with only 2 lines in the water I might become a bit more successful.
  10. Rolmops : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6-7 Time on Water: 06.00-11.30 Temp/Weather: mid fifties cloudy Wind Speed/Direction: early calm,later light north-east Waves: Calm Surface Temp: 52°F Location: ontario LAT/LONG: 31 35 =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated: 2 Species Breakdown: 2 Kings Hot Lure: dreamweaver ss Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.5 mph Down Speed: I wish I knew Boat Depth: 180 ft Lure Depth: 80 ft ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Nice calm morning with a flat lake.There was some action at 75 feet in 80 fow all big fish but thinking they would be lakers I moved farther out.Around 8 o'clock in a time span of 15 minutes I got 5 hits at 80 feet over 150 fow.The first 3 got away but the last 2 were caught.the first about 10 pounds,the second maybe 15.From there on everything went dead. It will probably take me a few seasons to become better at this,but it sure is fun! ==================== (add pictures and any other details not captured above here)
  11. A few years ago somebody caught one near the power plant in Slaters Creek.That one had probably been released there by somebody who did not want his aquarium fish that big.It is however very improbable that any snakehead can survive our winter water temps.
  12. Because of a lot of reasons I never seem to be able to get out early in the morning and by noon or later there seems to be a breeze most of the time.This prevents me from going out to the 200 feet line because frankly I do not think I have enough boat (19 foot open bow outboard) to deal with surprises. Is the morning usually less windy? or is it mostly the same? Thanks for your opinions.
  13. I went out this evening at five on a nice flat lake There was some bait hugging the bottom near the pure waters sewer line between 45 and 50 feet.I took 2 decent lakers on Northern Kings, nothing great,but all in all a nice little run. When I get all the bugs out of my boat I will go to deeper waters.
  14. Ray,there is no point in name calling on an otherwise great board. Please google "stripers spawning in Hudson" I very much appreciate your very knowledgeable Ontario reports. As for fishing for spawning fish.It has little to do with being mean.It just is not very expedient.
  15. The striper run does not end that fast. In June and July they are on Billingsgate in Cape Cod bay and anybody who can deal with Lake Ontario can deal with Cape Cod bay. We usually go for a week just to chase the stripers and Blue fish.By July there are Tuna around on Stellwagen Bank as well. It is a bit different from trolling for Salmon.It is mostly a combination of jigging and trolling but the results are easily as spectacular as salmon fishing
  16. I have a bit of a problem with stripers in the Hudson.They come there to spawn and as such I feel that they should be left alone. On the other hand,going for stripers in Cape Cod bay or off Gloucester is a very different cup of tea.In fact I try to go there every year for a week just to hunt the stripers.But although their meat is firmer,it is not better than haddock
  17. I hit the lake around 4pm and trolled west to the Genny over 50 fow with plenty of bait at around 30 feet. Half way to the barge at the dumping ground I hooked into a king using a 6'' storm shad on 5 lengths of leadline.It was maybe a 15 pounder. I felt like experimenting and took out my Cape Cod striper rig which is a 7 foot Penn Black Sabre rod with carboloid guides and a Penn senator 112 loaded with 600 feet 40# stainless single strand wire.I put on a 3 ounce bucktail jig (chartreuse) and going at about 2.5 knots with 300 feet out I started jigging as if fishing for stripers.It must have been about 40 foot down.It got me another king,this one a little bigger,but then everything died. On the way back to the bay there was a lot of bait right on the surface with plenty of big fish along with them but no more takers. All in all a nice afternoon
  18. Today I checked the engine electronics and they checked out fine,I checked fuel delivery and found that the check valve in the fuel line ball had gone bad. After I turned off the engine for a bit to drift fish and tried to start her up again,I could not deliver fuel to the engine at the needed rate.In fact the faulty check valve prevented proper fuel delivery. Oh well,at least it did not cost an arm and a leg.
  19. The original plan was to go to I-bay and maybe sneek out into lake Ontario but with the wind picking up that plan was canned.Instead I went to Owasco Lake and launched from the south end. Things went well and 2 nice lakers went into the cooler (trolling pike minnows).In the meantime the north wind had picked up there as well and it turned quite nasty.While trying to make it back to the south end,my engine conked out(water,muck from the bottom of the tank??) and it was paddle time.It got me to shore about a quarter mile south of a small private ramp.I had to get up to my rear end in the water and drag the boat (19 footer) to that ramp. All in all a cold and nasty adventure,but an adventure none the less.
  20. Which "warmer water"????? It just looks like we have to wait until the next heavy spring rains for some warmer water. I did sneak out into Irondequoit Bay on Sunday and we got 3 nice steelhead and one brown ,all on Howie flies. The steelhead are dropping back out of Irondequoit Creek.
  21. Gobys do not have a swim bladder.They will hardly ever go higher than 12 inches above the bottom and even then they go straight back to the bottom.Trolling with goby like lures does not make a lot of sense.If you want to jig,do it close to structure like rock piles or harbor walls and the like.Never go deeper that 20 feet,beyond that you waste your time. It is amazing how many bass and browns you will catch and how well fed these fish are. The big drawback is that gobys hang out on the bottom exactly where lampreys wait in ambush to get to the fish that we are after.
  22. I prefer the Penn black Sabre rod with carboloid guides.I use it with a Penn Senator 113. The reel has about 150 feet of backing and 600 feet of 40 or 50 pound test single strand wire line.I use 3 and 5 ounce bucktails.In fact it is the exact same setup I use for striped bass in Cape Cod bay.This is a jigging setup.I jig while trolling and the salmon really like it.
  23. The jet skier may have been found ,but Monday night a fisherman fell into the Genny and was swept along with the current.His body has yet to be found.
  24. I have used live sawbellies in Keuka and Seneca lake with great results.The lake trout and the landlocked Atlantic salmon love them.I troll them with leadline at 90 feet down about 10 to 12 colors out with 6 foot fluorocarbon leaders. I wish we could buy live sawbellies in Rochester.
  25. Seeing that I will be going out of the Genny,I am sure that there are absolutely no fish in that area.That is, between six in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Chances are that they will start biting once I am off the water.
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