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  1. Thanks and that sounds awesome! I hope you do well, I'm in the process of planning and saving for a future trip to Alaska some day hopefully and I wouldn't mind going to Olympic national park as well so until then I'll look forward to your reports and live vicariously through them .
  2. Yeah I remember then saying that about VHS I just couldn't think of any other hatchery's with the ability to raise kings. I like your idea about Powder Mill with swooping browns for kings as that just makes sense.
  3. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!! First now a days people line up on the piers in Olcott and just a handful of salmon are caught or even seen jumping. I remember in the 90"s when the water would just boil with kings in the harbor and everyone was catching fish. Second ask any guide that fishes the Niagara river for kings and they will tell you that they work there a** off just to get there clients a couple of kings where 10/15 years ago 15 kings per trip was the norm. Third I and many others how troll all season see come late August/September on the west the kings disappear off to the east with just a few kings left. Which never used to be the case. I think way needs to be done is this. reopen the Caledonia hatchery for kings, and increase the stocking of kings but focus the increase on the west tribs(this way the Caledonia hatchery can get its fish). As this would give us a balanced fishery across the lake instead of having all of our eggs in one basket(literally) on the SR. This way if something goes wrong at the SR say a drought year like 2007 there wouldn't be a shortage because the second hatchery would be able to compensate.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a naturally sustaining population of lake trout as it would help to free up money that could be used elsewhere in the fishery, but if I'm remembering this correctly from the state of the lake meetings they need lake trout to reach age 7.5 to successfully reproduce and the average aged reached by lake trout in lake O is 5.5 years due to the lamprey issue. So if that's the case then no matter how many lakers they stock they wont self sustain until the lampreys are eliminated.
  5. Spot on! I don't understand why the DEC feels the need to stock as many Lakers as they do. Why increase stocking of lake trout by 300,000. Is there really a shortage of lakers as it seems to me that the FEW guys that fish for lakers are not having a hard time getting lakers. For example during the spring LOC people where complaining about catching lake trout on the radio! why stock so heavily a fish people complain about catching? I say scratch the 300,000 increase in lake trout idea and put the increase into Kings and Steelhead. This year is a prime example of why we need kings. just look at the ports like Olcott and the Oak there is hardly anyone around because the salmon fishing is so bad. We fished out of the Oak on Sunday and it looked like we where fishing in June out there with how few boats there where. On the flip side last year at this time there was so many boats out there it was hard to navigate even out on the 26 line. I'd love to see the economic impact a bad king year like this one has on the local economy compared to a good year like 2012.
  6. Agreed the tell all is going to be when fish run or maybe don't run. Same here I thought everything was late and when the kings showed up on the bar about a week before the pro am I was like ok here we go! Then by the second Niagara pro am the salmon where gone even though there was huge amounts of bait. I've been telling myself that they will show up but IDK. I have three theory's one the weather has messed everything up and the salmon will show up in late August to stage. two there is so much bait in the lake now that it is causing the fish to spread out over the lake instead of schooling up in the western end. Three we are totally missing a year class and I'm not totally sure why.
  7. I think that deserves an AMEN!!!! I will say that I love Steelhead though as I fish the trips when the salmon aren't biting out in the lake(October to April).
  8. that's true its just unfortunate that all it takes is a couple of ppl to reunite it for everyone.
  9. Agreed access up there is a total pain. There's all kinds of lakes and streams up there but no way to get to them unless you back pack in for miles which in the summer with the bugs and temps isn't easy. Don't get me wrong I love the ADK's and wouldn't want to lose them but allowing some trails and maybe some ATV use would be great for hunting and fishing up there and would help out the struggling towns. I go there all the time in the winter to snowmobile and its amazing the places and things you can get to and see up there using a snowmobile. but like fish hunter said TREE HUGGERS!!! are a big problem. As they now don't even want to let snowmobiles into the ADK park.
  10. That's an interesting, as I've kind a that myself but never had the true data behind it to back it up other then my own observations where I noticed that when I would see a 30 plus king it usually would have all of its fins. Almost makes you think twice about feeding them 6 times a day in the pens . I would be interested in knowing if there is a way to get a greater percentage of kings to the 4 year mark maybe through selection at the hatchery or something.(I'm sure something like this has been tried) There is defiantly an increase in people's ability to catch salmon and to be able to catch salmon for more months during the summer. It wasn't that long ago that 95% of people considered salmon fishing to be a May, last half of August-September only fishery. But now people are successfully targeting salmon May-September which has in turned cause the number of salmon being taken out of the lake to increase dramatically. Which has been shown by angler surveys done by the DEC which show that we have all time record catch amounts for the past 11 years and as its not like there are more salmon in the lake now then what there where in the 80's(basing that on stocking numbers)
  11. do you have any idea how hard it is to go through a day at work with out LOU!!!!
  12. I remember reading about that in a restaurant in Old Forge it said that they had a snowstorm in July that dumped two feet of snow.
  13. The only ice that was left the other day was in the back bay and the launch was free of ice. Watch out for wood though there was a HUGH deposited of logs just to the east of the launch during the winter and I'm not sure where they went after the ice melted.
  14. will there be a list posted on the Wilson invitational website listing the teams that have signed up?
  15. Differently like this idea way better then just getting rid of the division all together. Plus the other thing that's got to be asked is where does this all end 2 divisions down already won't be long before its a king only derby.
  16. Green Carp that's an awesome description totally going to use that
  17. I would agree with that. As the past two years the runs up the Niagara where really good for the first time in years and if you look back a few years thats when the DEC had stocking issues so I'd say this thoery is correct.
  18. You can try Power Right Marine as well, not sure of the price but it’s in a nice area where your boat can’t really be seen from the road.
  19. Will the july 17/18 tournament be rescheduled or are there just going to be 4 events?
  20. If the weather is unfishable saturday will Sunday be used as a blow off day?
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