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  1. Actually crows are the biggest predator of turkey eggs. along with possums raccoons snakes fox and coyotes. The average mortality rate from the egg to flyup after hatching is 80%. After that each years mortality is 50%. Tuff being a turkey ain't it
  2. Yes! The names are crazy. Been around the LO salmonid fishery since it started. FYI. The two that got weird names started was Mark Pierleoni and John Oravec. Listening to those two on the VHF would get anyone smiling.
  3. I have pics on my phone but i'm a dinosaur and have no clue how post them. I know how to text them. Dex can you post them if I send them you?
  4. While prefishing the A-Tom-Mik Invitational with Thrillseeker I landed a 19# steelhead. 37" length and 20.5" girth. I have been trying for forty years give or take to get a 20# steelie. I came close on fri. As you can tell by my name I'm partial to them. My thanks to Nick for setting that rod, Dex for saying that outdown was going to go off, Steph for steering the boat and to Vinnie for netting it. We released it maybe me or someone will catch her next year over 20#
  5. Because DEC saw the Zebra musells and the cleaner water they reduced the stocking 60% of the king stocking. manmade or natural that's a crash
  6. Ahhh! I remember catching my first Lake Ontario salmonid, a coho, in the warm current of Russel's Station.. I get a tear in my eye every time I drive past that closed plant that use to have fishermen there 365 days a year. When the samonid fishery took off; each spring 1000's of boats (99% 18' and under) caught plenty of football browns, cohos, lakers and steelhead. Catching of chinooks was spotty. A trip with 2 kings was unheard of until September came around and people caught them at the pier heads. Dick Schleyer came up with an idea to have a fishing derby in the spring where the grand prize was a boat bigger than 99% the boats out there. On those four days each morning had vehicles with trailers lined up onto Rt 18 at Olcott, onto the parkway waiting to launch at Black North Inn, A couple marina launches at Rochester and Sodus. But where where those kings.Everybody those other species and took them in to the weigh stations to get those door prizes. I think it was Ed Rowan that won the first boat and he caught it out of Bald eagle. That port also got winners the next few years. There was something about that west end and catching kings. So much so that a rift formed between the east end and the west end. Henderson (Bill Saiff) even went to have a derby with NO king category. The early years no one could catch kings consistently. I remember even going out with Vinnie off shore in the night to see if we could catch kings in the summer. The real turning point in king fishing came when Northern King developed the NK 28. The rest is history. Catches of 100's of pounds of kings in the summer was common until the crash. The crash that started with an ocean boat dumping his ballast tanks and releasing the zebra mussel. Those were the days
  7. If your planning on a western hunt practicing for long range shooting (200-500yds) is difficult in western NY, If you don't find a spot here plan on going out early. There are plenty of open spaces and ranges out there. when I was younger and able to climb those mountians we practiced out to 500 yds. it was such a confidence builder seeing where your bullet hits instead of using ballistic charts. Your're definitely going to get those shots out there. But don't shoot beyond what you are comfortable with.
  8. With less heat calories in the lake and should we get a normal summer (not above ave heat) fishing will be shallower than normal this summer. Keying in on shallower depths usually is easier to fish
  9. Floyd was good. Being a DEC retiree he didn't get everything right but he did stick to hunting and fishing. That what I wanted to read. I didn't care for other outdoor stuff Leo concentrated on. That and the D&C being way too liberal I discontinued reading the paper
  10. Kinda like you don't leave fish to find fish
  11. JimB don't put that fish down one iota. That is a world class fish, Let us not get spoiled.
  12. Yes. My gran pappy always said that you're not going to catch any fish unless you have your line in the water, Gordie Howe also said 100% of the shots you don't take on goal won't score .
  13. No voting necessary. It is the fish of the year. Don't tell me I'm bias either
  14. The new basin will be good for transient boaters but less parking for charlotte activities. The new condos will good for the rich tenants and the city in tax revenue but again less parking for charlotte activities. The little guy loses and charlotte atmosphere will never be the same
  15. Fished the pier heads today and got a few salmon. When I left the security guard told me the ramp is closing 10/15. It's part of the city of Rochester's harbor project. The project was to construct two small ramp sites in place of the existing large site. One on the east side on the foot print of the old Stutson bridge and one on the west side up near the turning basin. They are not in yet. So we won't be able to launch boats and fish the rest of the fall at least if not longer. Two winters ago we were able to fish all winter. We need to keep the existing ramp open. Please call the DEC Regional Fish manager Web Pearsall, DEC permit project manager for this project Tom Haley. Their number is 585 226 2466. Also contact Monroe County Fishery advisory Board. The City is selling local fishermen down the river and ruining the Charlotte area so they can get tax revenue from the proposed condos and monies from non resident boats docking in the proposed boat basin. The largest metro area on the south shore and we don't have a public ramp
  16. Hey Brian. We hd the same action with pretty much the same set up. No big kings but two steelies went about 8 or 9 #. I rather catch them than kings anyway. See you on the water
  17. My brother's car was broken into on on 5/14 there and registration, insurance card and owners manuel was taken. Be careful if your house keys were taken. they would know your address
  18. More bad news: Ammo manufacturers are raising their prices in April 60% on most populars calibers. They are saying that materials are not readily availablable
  19. While at work selling guns yesterday a customer told me about a sign he saw. It was a picture of an AR. It read "I can use this to protect your family abroad but I can't own one to protect my family here at home"
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