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  1. great product for when the water color is clear or clearing. caught a bunch of browns on them all of March and April
  2. is it the same clip that's on scotty releases?if so then you just squeeze it and put the cable in the sharp bend and let go.
  3. nice.did you mark any schools of bait over deeper water?
  4. well that is still better than mowing.that is what i ended up doing today.the rain in the next couple days will get them biting again.i'll be out Tuesday afternoon.hope to see you out there
  5. how is the bite? i couldn't find anyone to go with me today so i'm sitting out . hope i'm not missing much besides a lot of boat traffic
  6. i wonder how the action compares to copper.the unique action of copper is the only thing that gets bit some days.i think i'm going to have to do some experimenting and see if it ever out produces copper
  7. my preference is the lurk disco divers(formerly walker).no plastic rings to wear out.i buy the clear ones and add uv or glow tape.size 4 for early season and staging time and size 5 for deep in the summer
  8. i seen the same on sunday.threw everything i had at them and couldn't move a rod.the only Lt bites we had were off a five color and one off a 150 copper.i wasn't thinking kings at the time but now i'm thinking you're right.i did see a couple small schools of bait.some wild currents too.
  9. if i were you with a 17 ft boat then the wind direction would determine where to go.for walleye you would have to go to the east end of the lake but you can catch salmon from any port soon enough.
  10. my flies arrived today.they look great.i can't wait to get them in the water. thanks Mike
  11. you can use the genny launch on the weekends.if cones are blocking the entrance just move them.they are just there to keep people out while they work on weekdays.i-bay is supposed to be in by now but who know with this winter weather if they have done it yet.
  12. the few times i have ordered it took awhile. i'm sure he is backed up this time of year.you will get them.worth the wait
  13. trying to think of something relevant to the finger lakes.best i could come up with is "algae bloom"
  14. i stopped by field and stream in Henrietta today and noticed they carry bay rats now.so if anybody wants some you won't have to wait to ship
  15. i guess the use of snubbers is just personal preference. in my experience the hookup rate is higher without them.
  16. the most important thing about wire is to always keep it tight on the spool.always let it out slow so it planes out as it's going back.when it's out keep the drag just tight enough to not let the line creep out if you are not planning on using snubbers. it's not hard to fish with and it out fishes braid in my experience
  17. i bet that brown hit on a weight rod. big fish love that setup
  18. there is a new marina being built right next to the launch and the construction crew blocks it off to keep people out of the way.i have been using it on the weekends and going to shumway across the river during the week. docks will be in at i-bay soon.
  19. yes definitely small baits.the south end is very weedy and is the best largemouth and pickerel fishing .also is where springwater creek feeds in and where the rainbows are coming out of this time of year. don't get discouraged by your summertime trolling results.hemlock can experience deep water oxygen depletion in the summer which confines the cold water species to a narrow layer of water.this is where the sonar helps.keep at it. you will figure it out
  20. the dec used to stock some landlocks into hemlock when they had extra but it has been awhile since they have.they have been trying to get the natural population of rainbows to recover so they haven't stocked browns there either in the last 4 or 5 years.it's a good lake trout fishery and the bass and pickerel fishing is excellent.sounds like you're not fishing deep enough for summer lake trout.you can catch them shallower in the spring.a decent fish finder helps.
  21. lol! i knew this was going to happen. i've been throwing one in my spread and it caught 3 or 4 my first trip out this year but nothing since.the new "magic" baits are never as good as ones you have confidence in.hey minion are you going out this weekend?
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