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Ontario Gold 2023


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Finally got out last couple nights for some Gold. Suprised water temps on shore in the 50's. Traveled shoreline looking for active pods of eyes and browns. Bait already showing up.  Took us a few hours on first night but we finally found them and picked a limit. Next night the same, running blk/Silver and blue were doing great. Boards got best result. No browns yet but some bowfin and drum to make dusk bite fun. Fish were hungry and hit aggressive when you found them. Mostly males as to be expected.  Great to be back on em. Tight lines.







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Love the smile on that young man.  He is hooked for life. My oldest is 23, and fishes with me a little.....but one season he doesn’t miss is the night eye bite......he loves seeing those glow rod tips reef over with a big eye on.  My youngest loves it too, but has been busy with his last year of college......can’t wait to get him out too......congratulations on that awesome eye. Sent ya a PM with my number.

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I am very luck that my boys love to fish with me! We fished for 4 days solid and he still wanted to stay out for the night bite. We did a little but the later nights he stayed at the cottage with Grampa since he gets up early to have breakfast with his great grandfather. I also don’t have to fillet my fish no more!


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