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Found some Kings 230 FOW line E/W troll 55 to 45 down on the riggers.  Had worked from 100 to 300 FOW.  All spoon bite green silver black white ladder backs.  Most small but one major and another around 10#.  Pretty bumpy at first with the NE wind but got better until we pulled around noon.  

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Thats us Fri morning


Gary D rigs and spoons . 


4 matures and a brown . Lost 2 other good kings 


Not as good this morning 


1 15#  and one release . 


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I run flashers 25 ft 


Spoons  5 to 10 above and below flasher  30 ft back 


Although temp was shallow that day  so I ran the spoons back 50.  


Also my slide divers were good 

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For my stacker I like a Roamer with a offshore or better a Scotty through the metal clip on the arm . 


Best of both worlds . Roamer slides up and down and pinch pad release is what I like to use . 

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