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Cayuga LOU-All `09 results

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Here are the winners of the `09 LOU-All. I don't have all the details to go with the results but pictures, stats & comments will be posted later as it comes in.

1st place - Final Flight 29.8 (Rollie had a fabulous brown trout in the mix)

2nd place - Hooked Up 25.15

3rd place - Playen Hooky 22.10

4th place - Lyte Line 21.15

5th place - Splitshot 21.6

Youth division

1st place - Tyler 6.12

2nd place - Elliot 5.7

Thanks to all that showed up.

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Hey Sparky, Thanks for letting me park on your site Friday night. Mike. :)

Congratulations to the winners and that was a dandy brown FF got. :yes::yes::yes::beer::beer::beer:

Stinger, its a good thing I don't take your advice and use more lines, the local wardens came out to say hello. :lol::lol:

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I want to thank all who participated in our annual event and congratulate Final Flight

and crew on a well deserved victory over a field of worthy competitors.

Enjoy the spoils of your reign as champion cause next year it'll end. :lol:

Thanks to Chowder for grilling up some dogs afterwords. :yes:

An idea for next year was kicked around, That was a breakfast and shotgun start instead of trying to do a BBQ after.

Also if you get into Bass Pro thank them for supporting our derby with door

prizes and don't forget Dave at R & R spoons for donating door prizes also.

If anyone got any pictures feel free to post them,

Until next year. :yes:


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Rollie not only is that a fish of a lifetime but you caught it during a tournment, which makes it all that more special!

Fellas that was the largest brown i have ever seen come out of Cayuga! It looked like a 30lb king sawed in half! It was as wide as it was long! Heck of a fish!

Now for my results, I had my box of lakers by 8:30-9:00 and was strictly fishing browns and salmon. I could not get one to bite. As you guys know, you have to have 1 or 2 kickers and I could not get them. As a matter of fact, Rollie was the only one to get a kicker and that made the difference.

Congrats to Rollie and his crew!

We had a good time! :yes:

Thanks to split shot for organizing the event.


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Just wanted to say it was nice meeting some of you this past Sat. We have been putting a ton of time on the lake w/ my nephew Tyler lately. He fished the Red Cross with Cheryl and I and now the LOU-ALL. Both Tournaments he won prizes. I think I have him hooked on fishing now. Unfortunately he is in route to cape cod to join his family at my brothers new coats guard duty station. I have already been asked if I can meet them 1/2 way for Barney's Tournament.

Cheryl and I decided that we would let Tyler reel in every fish while he was here and yes we did drop some big (probably money) fish but it was worth it. I appreciate all our fellow anglers supporting our youth.

Thanks again to everybody for there support and especially Splitshot for taking the time to organize a great event.

And please check out Dave's Spoons from R&R. www.mytacklebox.com. As I;m sure many of you realize he donated over 100 spoons to the red cross and another 3 dozen to the LOU-ALL. His spoons hold up like no other. He has patterns from the 80's I still fish religiously. Dave has tons of inventory not on his website as well as some new patterns out and more to come. Drop him an e-mail and I know you won't be disappointed. He will do some custom painting for people as well in a reasonable quantity. Just keep in mind he in a one man operation and often it is first come first serve. Support our local businesses and put some fish in the boat.


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Mower, great to see another promising angler coming along in nephew Tyler! Elliot wishes him all the best out on the east coast and say's he stands ready to duel it out at Barney's.

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