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met jason and mike (landshark)at 5

had strong east winds but decided to run out and look it over

got set up in 3 ftrs in 100 fow

various set ups of meat and flasher/fly combos

again the meat goes 1st

then the wire dipsy goes with a hit so hard it pulled the big jon rod holder around straight out the back ( how the rod stayed long enough to let jason grab the handle i dont know) he runs 400 ft of wire in about 4 seconds then nothing....leader broke between dipsy and flasher

now the winds have gone mostly south and waves have built to 5 ftrs and we have lake mostly to ourselves ( very happy with how my new to me 23' sportcraft handled them)

had a steady pick throughout the day

no fish for the LOC but a great day on the water with 2 great guys

ended up 7/10 with 5 kings and 2 coho

again green/white most active




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sOUNDS LIKE A NICE RELAXING DAY , shure is nice having the bigger boat eh,Thank you for putting up with mike and jason 2 more of my students who cant seem to wean themselfs from bobber fishing and them walleyes,,, speaking of walleyes almost seems like someone might be getting a little converted to real fishing!gotta get this camper outa the drivewy and my boat outa storage id like to give the bigboys a try before the end ofthe derby ..Good job todd dispite your handicaps(2 of them).....(hope mike didnt cry if a cloud covered the sun) and (jason didnt make you rub fishoil on your hands and break out his proctoligist outfit)

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It was some tough fishing, the first 8 hours scared most of the boats away because of the 3fters. We went for it. mid day was slow. The copper only fired one time the whole day . Of course in those type of waves without a down temp or speed we did our best to guage and we seemed to do alright. Most boats were inside of 90fow. It was good fishing with todd and jason. We didn't pick anything huge up, a few in the low 20's. There was one flasher fly combo that took at least 6 hits. I had sea legs bad for 5 hours after we were done fishing. wow. it was 50/50 between riggers and dipsys. We did have one fish on the dipsy that was a brute. Id like to have that 1 back. Todd did a great job at the helm in tough conditions. 1 week left men. the big ones out there lets go get em.

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