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Sandy Creek 9/5 and 9/7 with pics.

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Fished mostly 380-430ft Saturday morning after a 3 week hiatus on my boat and ended the day 9-11. Four kings 8, 10, 15,and 23#s, four steelies to 10 lbs. and one 3# coho. Temp was 46 degrees down 100 ft. most of the day. Took fish on white crush glow spinny and glow ghost off the 310 wire, one on 350 wire with hot grn spinny and hammer and the rest on NBK and purple pounder anywhere from 65-115 on the riggers. Felt great to be back on the boat again!


Monday was one of the best 3 hours ever spent on the water to date for one reason:


this little guy joined me! My 4 year old son, Matty

We had tons of bait and good marks in 240-280. About a half hour after getting rigged the 225 wire starts screaming loaded with grn spinny/hammer combo and me and the little guy battled a 15# king to the boat. As soon as he hits the net the 62 rigger loaded with the purple pounder fires and a few minutes later we landed a fat 10# coho. That was it for the day, but we had a blast! We kept both fish for my marina owner to smoke. Great day on the water. here's Matty with HIS catch!!


Tight lines, Tank

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I remember when my son, #1 first mate, was a couple of years older than your son is now. We had a ball out ot Oak Orchard until he went off to collage. We're taking the Grady up this weekend for our annual trip--he's now 32.

You're now having the best days of your life with your son---enjoy!

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