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Cleaning silver spoons question...


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What is the best way to clean the tarnish off your silver spoons?

I wonder about the smell of silver cleaner or rubbing compound being a problem and scaring the fish.

I used Meguairs car wax to clean some old silver NK28s and it did a nice job but I can still smell the wax, and that means the fish can too.




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Every few years I would take the worn spoons & ones I didn't hook up with & clean them. Took zip strip to get tha laquer off . polished them w/ silver polish my wife had or used car polish. I painted or used colored sharpies to higlight colors & resprayed them w/ laquer a few coats& sometimes taped them ..Somtines I use micro peral glitter my wife had to give the ' Crystalina' effect. Had some original colors,some worked real well , some did not. Doing it now in my basement for spring. I have about 20 now I'm doing. It's fun .

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I know this is an old thread, but thought I would share the answer I found that worked well and had no smell or mess.

I tried this on a half dozen old Northern Kings that were moderately to heavily tarnished. They look as good as new after just a few minutes. Wish I would have taken pictures, but I did not expect this to work.

1.) Fill a bowl (I used a glass bowl, but doubt that it matters) with hot water from the tap

2.) Dissolve as much salt in the bowl as possible

3.) Add strips of aluminum foil to the bottom of the bowl (you could probably just line the bottom with foil)

4.) Clean any debris or film off the lures with tap water and a paper towel

5.) Put the tarnished lure in the bowl. You will see the lure brightening within minutes.

6.) After lure is the desired brightness, thoroughly rinse to remove all traces of saltwater and dry off with a paper towel

7.) Dispose of saltwater and foil

I tried moving the lure in the water, but it did not seem to speed up the reaction. I had a lure that was a little stubborn and found it had a film on it. Wiped it off, put it back in the bowl and it cleaned just like the others (this is where step 4 came from!). There was another lure that was not brightening in the crevices, again wiped with a paper towel and put back in the bowl and it brightened right up.

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Take a small amount of WD-40 & spray onto a soft paper towel. Works wonders on restoring spoon paint jobs & cleaning silver. If you're going to put tape on the spoon, you have to get all the WD-40 off.

Tom B.


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