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seneca feb 2


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jeff and one of his workers and i went fishing today. we tried to fish t-falls but the launch is frozen over with about 6 inches of ice. so we trucked over the severne launch on seneca. we ended up going 14 for 19 in about 4 hrs of fishing. we started the day catching fish off jeffs favorite spoon a williams spoon from walmart. jeff set his side up with spoons and we caught 3 fish within 20 mins, and i set my side up with spin dr and flys. proctologist fly and killer yellow fly from big weenie which started taking hits and the rest is history. we had 1 triple and 2 doubles. we lost a very big laker at the back of the boat.

than you jeff i enjoyed the day

oh by the way for everyone who reads this post ask jeff what happen to his brand new truck. :D:D

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Sounds like a great day! So what did you guys get into; lakers, a mixed bag or what? Also I'm w/ Jeff nothing wrong w/ the Williams. I like D3 flutter spoon it's got great action. The blue & silver works good for bt.

P.S. Never mind the truck! Trucks are for work and for pulling boats, now fishing - that's important!

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