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Baha Cruiser nosedive


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It may be as simple as having to trim your prop a bit higher and it may be as bad as having your foam waterlogged making for a very heavy boat.

Start by trimming up and checking your bilge pump.Do you have one up front?.Then remove heavy gear from the front end.

Also see if you can catch a ride on a similar boat and see how it feels.

If none of these things make a difference your foam may be waterlogged.

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Firguy,I bough a new 28ft.BaHa in 89, after a while the bow seemed to be plowing. later on I was down in the bilge to change the oil.I moved the bilge pump to one side (removed one screw and turned the pump on it's side) and found a drain plug next to it. I removed the plug from the bulkhead and it started draining, I didn't think it would ever stop but it finely did. I'm thinking the water came in through the rope locker that had a drain in the bottom. The drains had plastic hose on them that ran to the transom,it may have come off. I don't know how the 25fters are built but you could take a look. You might have to drill a drain hole. Good luck.

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I agree with both comments above, you need to check out your bilge areas as well as get weight out of the bow of the boat... but all of that being said... there are just certain boat designs that are downright scary in a following sea.... I am not familiar with the 25' Baha, but have been on many 26, 28 and 31's that do not act that way... what is interesting is that many 25-28' boats are designed for twin screws be in stern drives or Inboards, but have single screw options which completely changes the weight distribution.... I am assuming that you are running a single and do not know if twins were an option but you could be suffering from this design flaw as well.

I am running a 25' Grady Sailfish with twin sterndrives and it is an absolute tank in a following sea... I can run 25 mph thru 4-6' following seas without issues... but I worked on a 25' Grady Trophy with a single sterndrive that was scary in a following sea... not enough stern weight and the waves could just spin it as the bow dug into the waves... above and beyond that there was not enough horsepower or thrust to maintain speed to push thru the waves.

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Dear ....42,

Boat handling in rough seas requires EXPERIENCE and practice with your own boat. Knowing what your hull does when the wave height reachs 4 to 6 ft. is important. I would check as others have mentioned about entrapped water in the bilge areas. Where you store your rigger weights is important!! And adding weight to the stern would help in your situation. BUT EXERCISE caution!! in how and where!! Even the weight of the fuel and WHERE the tank or tanks are located dramactically effects boat handling in rough seas. Is this a hardtop boat? The weight of the H.T. changes the balance of the boat and how the hull handles. I fish with a friend on a 31 Baha Cruiser H.T. with twin inboards and it handles fine in a following sea. Throw in a cross chop and wind gusts and trolling becomes a handfull!! .....I was on a 34 Silverton once at St Catherines....heading west...entering the pier heads with a 30 MPH East wind..8 ft following seas and a 4 MPH HEAD current coming OUT! My friend took the power off to avoid a collision with a small boat and the boat did an instant 360 and almost thru his customers OVERBOARD!!

Rough water handling is difficult. We all want to fish in spite of the wind......look at the bright side of rough days...Enjoy the tackle shops!!

.........Respectfully Submitted......Jet Boat Bill

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I have an 09 Baha 252, I have never had a problem with the boat nosediving. Although one time I was getting on plane and the boat quickly dove to the port side. At first i thought my bag went over the side and caught dragging that side down but it wasnt. Reading the posts about water getting forward of the forward bilge makes me wonder if thats what happened to me, although it hasnt happened since.


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