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Deer Pictures so far.


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That last buck is incredible. Dressed at 235lb and with guts it weighed 265lb. We are thinking it is going to score over 170 for sure but I'm thinking closer to 200 my self. Heres another picture of Jamies Buck with one of his buddies posing with it.


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It's really a combination of everything but you can have a narrow rack with tall tines will score more. Example 15" wice 8 point with G2's 11" G3's 9" = 55", same 8 point 20" wide with 6" G2's and 4" G3's = 40". You also have to consider mass. The buck I got this year was only 12 1/8" wide but he had double and in some cases triple the mass measurements of average or even good bucks so he made alot up there. it's when you have a buck with all 3 elements and 10+ tines you really get the score up. Jamies buck is gerat and has what appear to be all elements but 170" buck is no slouch . It takes a tremendous amount of antler to make the 180-200" range.

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