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Big Jon's Pro Tournament Down Riggers

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4' booms on my Brutes handle a 20lb shark weight just fine, so the 4' booms on your lighter weights should be great, older BJ riggers are designed differently & have a stress riser at the end of the threaded portion where the boom threads into the mounting block, which can snap. The newer BJ's have the entire shaft, not just the threaded portion is mounted into the machined block.

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Thanks Mark ( skipper19 ) for helping me spend my hard earned retirement checks. Everyone out west here says I look like an off shore Tuna Schooner. Last Oct myself and 3 friends landed 86 Bass, 49 Rainbows and 5 Kings in one day of fishing with the Mast and 4' boards. One buddy said this is not fishing but a job. :rofl:

East coast methods of delivery work out here as well. Thanks Guys



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