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*Please Help* Tips on Sub Troll 900 Install

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Run your wires (fused) direct to the battery. I.E. not through a terminal that connects to other stuff in the boat. I use 2 separate on/off switches. 1 for light, 1 for unit.

Be careful with the cable. Check pulleys etc for sources of nicks. Even plastic can nick the coating.

If you use the thimble on the probe for permanent connection make sure it's Stainless steel. Pull the wire as tight as you can around the thimble then at least double crimp it. Be careful how you crimp it as you can cut/nick wire. (Probes are expensive.) I prop my downrigger on top of bench vice with probe hanging, then attach a cannonball and then wrap the upper connection with the rubberized tape. This keeps all connections nice & tight. (Tape is available at West Marine/Boats US or other electronics store much cheaper than from factory)

Moor generally has internet sales on parts (cables, probes, etc) during Jan/Feb.

What else is there? ;)

Tom B.


I hope I didn't just jinx myself. :$

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One thing I've experienced is don't jerk the probe and cannonball as the cable will break and you'll be buying a new probe, cannonball and terminal gear for the tune of over $100. The cable is not as strong as other wire and the high speed riggers may snap the cable. Go slow raising and stopping the rigger with the probe on it. You may be using heavier cannonballs and that wont help matters. Also expect more "blowback" from the drag of the probe so your depth may be higher than indicated on your rigger spool.

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Fisher- what riggers are you running? If Scotties I have a trick to help hold the antenna (spring wire)

Would you mind sharing the trick as I just picked up a Depth Raider and have Scotty 1116's. I had to send the antenna that came with it back as it was too small. Waiting for the new larger antenna. Does the antenna fit your auto-stop beads?

Thanks, Gman

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when i installed mine last year i didnt mount it permanent. i just replaced the swivels

on my rigger with the ones they provided. the directions with the one i got last year

only gave instructions on a permanent mount, so make sure to read them first. make sure to buy some zip ties and buy a cable crimper. need a hand let me know i live in hamlin

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