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Keuka Lake 5/1

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On the water about 5:45, launched out of keuka state park.. Setup right out of the launch and headed to the west side of the lake instantly starting marking fish 100 to 150 in 150 fow.... The water was very milky looking in that end so decided to troll toward the bluff for some better looking water.. We never had a fish fire... We finally got to the bluff and found some great looking clear water and it instantly turned on we ended up 9 for 9 with our biggest just being over 5lbs and the rest were all around 3lbs and even had four lakers on one rig at one time thought we had a monster but found out that wasn't the case.... Most of the fish came on spin doc's with green or white glow flys.. Wasn't the best day ever but we caught fish......

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Great report! :yes: Was good to see you guys out there again. At first light we marked fish at the north end of the lake off the Keuka State Park Launch but no takers. We finally hooked up with fourteen lakers and were able to get eleven into the boat. Several fish were four pounders. We found all of our fish south of the Bluff, along the west shore. Caught fish on lead core, riggers, and dipsey's. Green spoons, and white flasher fly's got it done. Most fish were taken 100' to 120' down over 160' bottom. Not the best day of fishing on this lake, but nice to get out again after a long winter.

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