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Conesus 7/31

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got out with chad at about 5 15 started the day off with 2 pike and some tiger follows with another big pike lost boat side....rain came in and we got off the lake for a few minutes, waited for it to pass and then it was all over from there as chad proceeded to own me with his "secret lure" going 4 casts 4 pike and then 2 others shortly after with one pushing the 40' mark all released finished the day with 7 pike and 2 bass with 3 misses boat side 2 tiger follows and a 5/0 treble piercing in chads finger!

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Had a blast fishing with Mike on Sunday! It was actually my first time ever fishing Conesus and I was really impressed with the size (and numbers) of pike in that lake. I was throwing my 9" inch jerkbaits around and working them as fast I could (literally as fast I could reel) and it seemed to be producing strikes one after another. There was a small window right before and right after the rain storm :rain: that really seemed to turn the fish on. Shortly after that the sun :sun: poked through and shut everything right down - didn't see another fish the rest of the day but up till 10:30 is was spectacular ESOX fishing.

The lowlights of the trip were two-fold....

1.) I managed to put a 5/0 VMC Cone-cut Treble all the way through my finger and still had the pike attached to the treble at the back of lure. Have you ever tried fighting a pike using just your finger? It's an interesting experience that I don't really care to do again :lol:

2.) I totally embarrassed myself trying to back up Mike's trailer at the boat launch (sorry about that Mike!). I couldn't see the trailer without the boat on it sitting up in Mikes truck as I'm use to my wide trailer sticking out past the truck sides normally when I tow my own boat. :P:lol::P

Lastly, I should mention that right when Mike and I setup in the morning we saw either a pike or tiger swimming around maybe 20 yards from the boat with its head totally out of the water! It was circling our boat like JAWS before it eventually went back down.

Brad/Bob - sorry we missed you. How did you guys end up doing?

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haha the trailer difficulties just happened to happen when there were 15 boats in line waiting to get out too which made it interesting...who cares though those bassholes made us wait to launch so it was only fair that we made them wait to load

im really glad i picked up some hook cutters bc pretty much every fish we caught needed them and if we didnt have them we probably would have been going to the ER with a 5/0 hook , a 9 inch newman, and a mid 30s pike all attached to chads finger haha

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You are nicer than I am...if I didn't have a pair of hook cutters, I would have gotten the fish off the hook, removed the hook from the lure, and then went back to fishing. ;)

Sounds like you guys had a great time out there -- Good fishing!


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