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Yankee @ the oak 8-13/8-14

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Saturday August 13th (Morning) – We left the dock nice and early, and when we shut down on the 26N line the screen was packed! Bait and fish EVERYWHERE, but after about 30 minutes of fishing it diminished considerably. Never the less there were plenty of bait pods and fish to be had for the next eight hours. We worked the 26N-28N line for the morning with a nice family from Rochester. The Kings were on the feed, and we had what they were hungry for! Our program consisted of our three Cannon DT10’s, two wires pulling Walker Deeper Divers, and a copper on each board. A simple, yet effective, 7 rod spread. Spoons were run on the downriggers, while the wires and coppers pulled attractor/fly combos.

Our 400 was a hot rig first thing in the morning pulling a Wonderbread SmartFish/A-TOM-MIK Shredded Hammer. Our riggers would take over with Dreamweaver Moon Crickets, Moonshine Carbon 14’s, and Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers. We tried a Lyman on our center rigger on the initial set-up, but no one wanted that erratic action at this point in the game. The wires were quiet for most of the day, but they did manage to produce the second largest fish of the trip, behind a Glow Froggy diver pulling a Dreamweaver green dot Spin doctor/A-TOM-MIK Bobblehead fly combo. Our biggest weighing just over 26lbs came off the 400 combo early in the trip. As the day would progress our 500 copper pulling a meat rig began to take MVP honors, but nothing pushed or exceeded the 20lb mark.




Saturday August 13th (Afternoon) – This was a memorable trip for sure! Three of the four were retired professors from Geneseo. One of which was 80yr old Myrtle, and she was no stranger to charter fishing. I had a blast watching her fight fish, and just enjoy being out there with her friends. I can only hope to have her energy, and look as good as she does at that age. She even stepped up to the plate to fight a small King on the 500 copper meat rig, which I truthfully didn’t want to give her. Those long coppers are tough. You don’t want to run them, but they just take big fish! On this trip that 500 copper was our savior! Taking two or three big fish, but as the afternoon progressed our riggers, and even our wires, started to out produce it. The hot wire combo was a green dot Smartfish/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist combo behind a metallic purple diver back 250’ on a 2 setting. On our Cannon DT10’s a Moonshine Carbon 14 mag, a Dreamweaver Moon Cricket mag, and a Northern King copper NBK took most of the shots.




Sunday August 14th – We had a bunch of dairy farmers, and a few guys who sold them their feed. A very good customer of ours brought them out for the day, and this might just be the funniest group of guys we have ever had. I learned that dairy farmers are no dummies! They are very smart people who have a passion for what they do. We went right back out to where we ended on Saturday evening, because the picture we had on our screen was almost as good as it was during the first 30 minutes of our morning trip. However, when we go out there we struggled to find fish. With T-storms threatening in just a few hours the decision to head off shore wasn’t a good one. We stuck it out on the 25N-27N line and took what we could get, which ended up being a very decent day given the lack of fish on the inside.

Our program stayed the same for the entire weekend with a 400 and a 500 copper off the boards, two wires pulling Walker Deeper Divers, and spoons on our Cannon DT10’s. The 400 and 500 coppers were our hot rigs. The 400 copper with a Smartfish/A-TOM-MIK combo (Wonderbread/Hammer in the morning, and a green dot/hypnotist in the afternoon), and the 500 copper with a meat rig took their fair share of fish. However, the big guy of the trip wanted a wire diver, and was one of only two fish that would take a ride on the wire on this day. When it hit the floor we knew it was a great fish, but we guessed it at 25-26lbs. Before we sliced it the customer asks “Hey how much that thing weigh?†On the digital scale it went, and I was floored when it read 29 pounds and change. Boat record! On the riggers the normal spoons were cracking fish. Dreamweaver Moon Crickets, Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers, Dreamweaver Dave’s Salmon Slappers, and a Moonshine Carbon 14 were a few of the spoons that pulled fish.





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Happy days Rick :yes: keep those fish goin out there! I keep tryin to get Aunt Ethel ...84 years old ...to go. She likes to fish but scared of the boat and big water. It is fun to see the elders having fun themselves, hope its good for all of us at that age. Great report as usual!


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Way to go Rick, and Craig. Almost every salmon we have caught this past week and today, have been 20-23 lb males, and they are starting to get dark. Almost time to dust the J Plugs off. - Mick

We had a few females. The 29lb fish was a female. The two mid twenties on Saturday were both males though.

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Good for you Capt.Rick,

In the past 6 years its been kinda fun watchin you "KIDS" grow up.

Ya done did yer homework well,and have helped many enjoy life,and even a few of us old farts have benifited from your reports. We shurly get a little smile and can reflect on the times we all have shared "that first salmon" for a new person on our boat ....,,,

Now back to the farmers HMMMMM did ya get a new farm or two to hunt,one hand can wash the other....

Thanks for sharing ,It makes my 2 week stay in cap cod a little more bearable tho iv got the flatback and some surf rods ;) ......OH and YES this week is the CARNAVAL PARADE in "P" town ,gosh so much to doo here....:poolparty:

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If my leg doesn't heal soon, I'm right there with you Rick. Got spoiled for years with private access to 180 acres in Bristol until the owners sold and headed for Vegas a few years back. Been left hunting scraps ever since.

Might have to try combining trib fishing & hunting this year. Hang a ladder stand next to the creek (bordered by orchard) and haul up both pole & bow...

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