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Cayuga 12-30-06

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I started this thread so huntfrisco & stix would feel the pressure to keep it going.......preferably with an actual report for that date. :)

Weather is a little iffy for Sat but we want to close the year with a better report than the last one.

If Huntfrisco will brave the elements and take his boat out then I'll tag along to make sure he doesn't make up any fish stories. :roll:

We definitely could use a little help from those that have winter trolling experience on Cayuga. Some tactics and areas from more recent years successes would be great. We can also use the positive mental attitude of the Board members by thinking that the winds will be low and that the temps will be above 30 deg. :shock: This could vary well be our last attempt for 2006 ;( , so we really need you guys at this critical time.......think calm winds & cool temps :) . Thanks, I knew we could count on you to help us out ;) .

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As long as the roads are not wet and salted Ill be there. The lake was lowered a lot from the weekend before.It awalys amazes me how fast they can drop the lake levels thats a lot of water to move.

We should be running boards. But we are not. They must have dumped a million LL in.

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One good tip for you guys. Try running small Jensen dodgers and streamer flies in white and red or green and white 5 to 15 down. They work great in the winter for LL. If you get on the fish, you will wail on em. Gotta pick thru the smaller ones but you will get some good ones too. Work around the points till you locate them. Then keep going till you run out of em, then circle back on em. One big circle all day.


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Blood bath on the Stix boat today. All lakers largest around 9lbs most all keeper size. Dodger flies off the wires. Stinger spoons off the riggers. Still deep.19 fish

No brns or salmon. We are going again tomorrow I think they may have moved near shore.May run some boards.

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Not sure if Huntfrisco is going to post tonight.....partying.

We had a 6 1/2 hour boat ride.. :shock: ....one dink salmon :$ .

Area trolled was from Rocky Point on the east side up past Lavenna with a couple loop-t-loops and then Deans Cove south to about 1-2 miles past Sheldrake(more loop-t-loops). Ran most everything,...lets see there was the:

...boards w/plugs, mini diver

...wire using 2 different size dips with dodger/fly, dodger spoon, dodger/streamer,spoons of various sizes.

... and then there was riggers w/spoons, small dodger/fly, small dodger/streamer, sliders, plugs, mini diver w/ stuff.

All those sets got us really hungry....had coffee, carrot roll, kaltahki (sp),sandwiches, pretzels and I think I saw a bottle of juicy juice. Good thing we brought the big cooler along `cause it made a nice seat in the cabin next to the heater :roll: .

Well that trip scratched my itch for a trip to the north end for awhile. Stix did the right thing and stayed south.

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stix.....although we weren't targeting lakers specifically, we did set stuff out that normaly would take them. We tried to locate some bow's, browns & salmon in the keeper class so our sets were 50' & up over 100' to 75' bottom for most of the day and at times ran closer to shore in the 30' to 15' bottom. Ran a copper/orange spoon for at least 4+ hours off the ball & at times on the cheater at varying depths.

Never fish up on the north end in the winter before and after rather disappointing results from last weekend we said what the heck, lets give it a try.

Hope we get to read another hot report tonight titled "12/31/06 for stix, the Fat Lady has sung on Cayuga", or "Last dance for stix in `06" :)

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