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Deer Corned beef


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Got a deer roast you wanna use up. Everyone I've passed this to love it.

Deer Corned Beef

Combine and bring to Boil:

1PT. Water

6 TBSP Morton Tender Quick "can get at Agway in canning section"

2 TBSP Salt

½ cup Brown Sugar (not packed)


2 Qts cold water

2 TBSP Pickling Spice

5 Cloves garlic crushed

Mix together pour in to glass or plastic container.

Submerge roast for 24- 30 days. Refridgerated

Roast in coverd pan at 200 degrees for 3- 5 hrs till internal temp of 150 degrees.

I just pulled this one out of the oven and it is great. Rueben sandwiches all this week baby!


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When I saw the title "Deer Corned Beef" I was hoping at first it was in the classified section :lol: I'm hungry! Sounds good! going to pass the recipe along to my brother seeings how he was the big deer killer this year ;)


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Great looking stuff.........nice job, for 25 years or more, I have been doing this with the shoulders and necks, and they are fine........New England boiled dinners, reubens, and neck picks with a good buddy and a couple of beers.......it IS the simple things that count more often than not. ....and a rump, no less.........very high end ( sort of speak ). ENJOY

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