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Big Keuka Laker

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Fished in the Avon Anglers Tourney yesterday out of Branchport. Fishing was busy as usually with 34 lake trout boated from 6:30 to noon. All but 2 came on the riggers set at 160 and 135 over 160 fow with sd/fly set ups. Around 9:30 we just landed a nice 5lb fish and heard the drag on the other rigger looked over and rod was bend to water! After a great fight we landed the biggest fish I've ever caught on Keuka, 12.05 lb laker! And Believe it or not it did not win the tourney. A 13+ was caught very close to where ours was. fish shut off around noon and then we tried in close, good marks, no takers.


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Way to go, great day on water for sure! :yes: There are some nice ones in Keuka, just far and few between. I caught one Fall of 2010 a few miles up from Hammondsport that was just short of 14 lbs. Funny thing was that it was couple hours after the Labor Day tournament ended and the winning fish was in the 5 to 6 pound range. ;(

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