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Yankee's 2012 Spring King of the Lake - Port Dalhousie

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Practice - Not Much! We weren’t able to fish Thursday because of our day jobs. We knew weather was coming, so we ran over to Port Dalhousie Thursday evening. We went to bed with hard NW winds, and woke up to the same. By 11am we could see the wind had died down a little bit, and we made the decision to get out for a few hours of fishing. We rode the WN winds down to the bar where we eventually found some fish. The NW winds had the green river water pressed along the shoreline, so our bite was on top of the bar. We didn’t catch anything big, but we had a starting point that we would try to dial in as the weekend passed by.

Saturday (Day 1) - We left in much of the same NW winds experienced on Friday. We made the 30 minute trek to the Niagara Bar in a washing machine of boat wakes, and the 3-5’ waves from the NW winds. Our program for the morning was 2 wires pulling Walker Deeper Divers, our three Cannon DT10’s, five color cores off the Big John Otter Boats, and a 10 color which we would run down the chute in varying lengths. We had a 100% spoon program with our Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers, Northern King Lazer Spooks, and Northern King Mulatto’s being our MVP’s for the day. We had a great morning.

When you found a few kings you had to work that area. If you got out of them you caught Lakers. We worked from 45’-150’ on the bar, and eventually changed our program when our wires got red hot. We pulled the five colors and went double wires on each side. That bite went for a few hours and it was crazy good! We easily did over 40 fish, and we knew we had one 15lb fish we needed to cull, but it just never happened. A lot of great fish for next year out there!

We did the weigh in thing and saw many similar boxes. At the end of day one we were 21st and 8lbs out of the top ten.

Sunday (Day 2) - We woke up to calm waters FINALLY! The run to the bar was great! We had YT3 cranking at 26-27mph. I think we even passed a Lund!?!?!? We were pumped to get lines in the water!

We started in the same water on top of the bar, with the same program as Saturday morning. The picture wasn’t as good, although we did grab a few fish. We slide out because we could see the river water had pushed out (after being laid along the shoreline from the NW winds). When we got off the ledge we started marking more fish, and it was game on. We pulled the 5 color cores and replaced them with 300 coppers, and the ten color was replaced with a 600 copper, which we varied the length of in 100’ increments.

Coppers were HOT! A Stinger Hawg Wild on one, and a Northern King Sea Sick Waddler on the other. Our Cannons took quite a few fish too. The Northern King Sea Sick Waddler was definitely the MVP of the day. On our 600 copper a Dreamweaver Spin Doctor in Blue Angel pulling an A-TOM-MIK UV Blue Dolphin was going consistently. In an attempt to pick up some bigger fish we dragged bottom with a White Dreamweaver Spin Doctor pulling an A-TOM-MIK Sweet Pea. It pulled many fish from 100’ to 200’ down, but they just weren’t the fish we were looking for.

We knew we had a better box on day two, but we still had one Salmon that was 15lbs, and we just couldn’t cull it. When everything was said and done we climbed up the standings, but not enough for a check. We finished 15th out of 52 boats.

Moral of the story………the fishing is GREAT on Lake Ontario right now. From Jordan to Oswego MANY kings are being caught. Get out there and enjoy this great resource!

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Good deal rick. I heard the bite is insane there this year, and spread out as well. We have good slug of sharks chewing in rochester along with the usual spring fish, except the cohoes never really showed for the party. Save some for seed, good luck.

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Do you tape up that seasick or run it plain? I am Never sure what the right way to modify it is. Don't get me wrong I catch fish on it, but nothing like you describe...

Sounds like a great weekend overall!

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