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DR Weight Color

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Ihave a pair of the Atomik 13# topedos and was considering painting them. As I was starting to get them ready I realized I didnt know what color I wanted to use so i thot I would ask for some opinions.

In my fishing 'lifetime' I have run weights in the following colors - Lead, Black, Chartruese, Orange, Yellow - I cant say that I have noticed a significant difference in catch rates . I was considering using some chrome wheel paint on them based on some reports I have seen about how well the chrome sharks work, but I also wonder if stealth black might be a good choice as well

What do you guys say ????



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I had a little insight after talking to a friend a while ago...insight not experience but when you think of it probably 95% of the bait fish forage have white bellies when the salmon are looking up at them my friend was thinking maybe not the whole thing white but maybe a strip of white along the belly of the weight??? Just a thought.


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i used to try to sell em like this just a tad over ten lbs and the fish track great kinda bend the tail a tad and ya got 20 more ft of seperation (10 a side).....put abour 5 coats of rubberized undercoating..track good to 100 ft unless the currents get stupid. no one wanted to give up 25.oo for 10 lbrs

10lb 8 oz

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I used to run a lot of attractor balls but now have gone to stealth. By taking the color out of the equation, you simplify your decisions on what to run. I only use clear and black dipsy now also. Using the camo pattern used to flatten shapes in the wild (see whitetail deer), I paint the top of my torpedos black, the sides green and the belly white. Not sure if it helps but I have noticed a lot less streaking around my balls displayed on the fishfinder.

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