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Scotty auto stop beads


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does anyone have a better ideal on something better to use than the beads scotty sells for their auto stop? I use 185 lb cable stainless and cant keep the little buggers on for beans ..must be someone out their that has come up with a better idea that will stay on and dont have to keep replacing .....Any help sure would be appreciated and thanks happy hunting and great fishing to all :):):yes:

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Maybe add a piece of shrink tubing over the bead after you get it set in position. I personally haven't had any problems keeping beads on mine, even with the 170 lb cable that comes on the new HP's, but I would think shrink tubing would work.


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they are the black ones and yes a pain to put on not so easy to come off

If your having trouble with the stop beads sliding, and you are sure your putting them on correctly, try using two right next to each other and actually touching each other.

On the heavier cable, once they slide aways they are pretty much worn out at that point and need replacing.

If you are sliding them on the cable to adjust the location, that will creat your problem.

Take them off and put them back on to make adjustments.


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