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Crappie - Black Lake


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Got a friend going up to Black Lake.  He asked me how to catch Crappie up there.  I don't know, never been there. 


How do you catch Crappie up there?  (PM if you want)


Tom B.


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I would have to say with a float, and minnows, or crawlers.

Years ago we took the kids up there(when they were little) for the July 4th extended weekend.

We HAMMERED the perch/bluegill/crappie, once we found 'em, but when it was time to clean them, guess who was doing that for almost 4 hours one afternoon....................you guessed it.

My children we so happy that day hitting the mother load.

I could not even fish, as I was baiting hooks,(ran out of worms!!) and fillin' the cooler.

Was just looking at those pictures the other day.

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A good general strategy is to use a small bobber (I use a weighted one lead ring at the base of it) about 2ft. or so up from a 4 to 6 lb test fluorocarbon leader (2 ft long) attached to the main line (6 lb test mono ) by a very small barrel swivel. At the end I use a "Fast snap" or "Quick Clip" and a trout magnet jig with a small live fathead minnow or a gulp bait (smallest immitation minnow they make). Some of the best crappie fishing can occur at NIGHT in relatively shallow water (sometimes 6 ft or less). Generally with the live bait you let the minnow swim around and just watch your bobber but with the Gulp Bait approach you cast the bobber out and retrieve it slowly jigging it as you go and stopping briefly imtermittently. They usually either hammer it while jigging it or will nibble and then pull your bobber under. Sometimes all you see is your bobber moving away without going under. You have to experiment with the height of your bobber and adjust it accordingly sometimes they like it just a couple feet below the surface and other times they prefer it to be just above bottom. I use ultralight rods and reels for them.....You don't want heavy tackle.  Hope that helps....Good luck!

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Good advice given. I use a small weighted float and 4-6 pound test line. 1/16-1/64 oz. jig with a minnow. Sometimes I put a tube jig on for added color and size but still use minnow and sometimes use Berkley 1" gulp minnow or 2" power bait. Many times I fish two and sometimes three rods varying the jig depth from 1-4  feet or more to find what they want. This allows lots of experimenting till you find what they want and then it's general game on. Water temps. are just about spot on now for good crappie activity and with the warm weather the action should really heat up.

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My wife & I fished last Wed. afternoon on an overcast & drizzly day.  Hammered 'em on jig and bobber.  Next day it was sunny & warm - couldn't find them.  This cold front & blow will have them screwed up for a few days but come the weekend the fishing should be good. 

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