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Yankee on the 4th @ the Oak

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Headed out in the fog knowing the lake had a little flip the past few days. We were going to try pounding the beach for Brown Trout, but the water was really cold with 50 degrees on the surface in 20' of water. Figuring in I didn't have Brown Trout leaders tied up we pointed her NW. We checked 75', 100', 150', and finally at the 25N line (200') we had decent water temps. The plan was to drop lines and troll it out. 


Our spread consisted of our three Cannon downriggers and two wire divers. On our boards we pulled a 5 color and a ten color. It didn't take long and we were into them. The divers took most of our Salmon ranging between 18-25lbs. One diver pulled a Green E-chip/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hijacker fly, and the other was pulling a Dreamweaver Hammertime Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. They were out 75-125' on a 2 setting. Our riggers were on fire taking all the Steelbows you wanted. They were set at 35', 45', and 55' with Dreamweaver Green Eye Ghost, Glow Froggy, and Raspberry Dolphins. All run with the regular size on the main line and the SS sliding above it. The 5 color core was on fire in the morning with a Dreamweaver Coyote SS, and later in the day our 10 color core started to get hot with a Dreamweaver Gold 42nd. 


We didn't smoke the Salmon, but ended the day 5/6 on majors, and we also found a few skippys. The Steelbows were a dime a dozen, and they weren't a bad year class. Most ranging in the 6-9lb range. We also managed to find a Laker and a Brown Trout out there. All in all it was a solid day and a lot of fun. Let's wish for some stable weather so the Summer Salmon set up and we can pound on them!







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Nice pics! I'm in Missouri about a week away from being back home....there is nowhere I would rather be than catching fish now on Lake Ontario!

Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app....Doug

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