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Penn Yan Tunnel drive for Trolling?

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A properly sized set of trolling bags will get that boat to the right speeds when running the main or auxiliary engine no problem.


As to auxiliary power and steering, I'm confident one of the high thrust 10-15 hp engines and a maximum thrust propeller would push this along nicely, but steering with the main rudder and auxiliary locked down the center just isn't going to work. There is no thrust of water from the propeller against the surface of the rudder; this is how steerage is accomplished at low speeds on rudder-steered boats. Having never done this myself, i believe you will have to either connect the outboard to the main steering system by a mechanical or electronic means, or come up with a secondary dedicated steering system altogether. In either case, the integration of a good autopilot would be a welcome addition at the same time your are sorting all this out.


I'm sure this has been done by many people as that is a pretty popular boat. Hopefully, someone will chime up with actual experience and be able offer more detailed info.

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Thanks! If I can accomplish the proper speed with the main engine with trolling bags I'd rather not have the headache and cost of purchasing a kicker and steering system


If anyone has hooked a kicker up to be controlled by the main steering I'd be interested to hear about it

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