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Passports required for return to US

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With all the Homeland Security changes upcoming I was speculating what was going to happen for the 2008 LOC Derby when a passport is required for re-entry into the US and we leave Fort Niagara and fish the Welland Canal and return to Fort Niagara after fishing :?:

I know we come and go as we please currently but what do y'all thin about after this change occurs :?:

No difference :?:

Border Patrol or Coast Guard watching to check passports :?:

Just a thought


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My Mother in law works for fed customs. she said that it would be a very good idea to have one. Not that they are going to check everyone but if you do get checked and don't have one, its gonna be a real drag and you won't be fishing any more that day.

We just applied for ours.


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I was my understanding that as long as you don't touch ground, get out of the boat onto land, you were okay. Point is, you don't call customs when you enter their water, you call customs when you land. If you do "dock" but don't get out of the boat you need to fly a yellow quarantine flag until the captain reports to customs, either in person or by phone.

There may be more to it than this.

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