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Cayuga 4-6

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Wound up lingering over breakfast/conversation at Collegetown bagels till 9:00. Launched at Treman solo. Tremendous amount of debris on the east side for quite aways up kept me from setting lines out on the planers. took 2 smaller browns off a chute, flat line pulling a bright yozuri. Water did not have as good color when the debris cleared up but set out mix of bright & blk silver stix and dodged the mooring floats. Hit a couple more smaller browns on the outside lines on blk/silver. As I approached another raft of debris up near the salt plant I decided to cross the lake & check out deeper water. Crossed the lake running the flat lines + 2 spoon riggers @ 50'/75' a wire dipsy ff down 80' and a slide diver/ spoon setup @ 40'. This program was ineffective and didn't see much on the screen (except some deep bait & locked up lakers down 200').


I pulled the deep stuff and ran the planer program heading north on the west side for about 1/2 hour w/ nothing to show for it. Pulled in the stuff and shot up just south of AES. Reset the shallow program in the warmest water I had yet seen, 37.7. Again my outside bl/silver line hit a brown. I switched up my outside lines to a 2 color core and a 3/4 oz snap weight ahead of jointed blk/silver rapalas and these setups immediately yielded a pair of browns. After passing the plant I turned around but the same program was a no go. Moved out to 80' and put out a broken back herring on the 70' rigger and wire dipsy ff combo on the other side. Popped a couple lakers on the rigger, nothing on the wire. Really nice day to be out!

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Andy tried calling you on the radio yesterday. I was looking for ya but didn't see you. We took a few salmon in the mud where it was 37 degrees. Mostly shorts but we did have a 20 incher. Took a 5 lb brown just before Portland point. Most fish came on firetiger rapalas and rattling rouges in silver and orange and all off the boards. The bait was deep as well and there were fish all.over.it from 120 to 200 down. Didn't fish it. Water was mostly 33 to 34 degrees. Nice to be out. We.need some warm weather to get the bait out of the deep water for the.fishing to pick up.

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