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Smelt Dipping

Luck E Reel

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sounds like they might pull the boom first week of may i bet that will messed up the smelters when the ice james the shoreline. Hope not for you die hards. I did it once last year first time and it was enough for me. i think my back still hurts. :) 

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went last year at artpark in lewiston,done early cause a 2 gallon limit,im sure this year wil be good also when temp rises some.try calling the motel in lewiston or hardware(baitshop) they know more

fimger lakes smelt are running now

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They are running right now in our ponds in Maine! We dipped limits on Tuesday evening. Beautiful sewing size 4 to 5 inch! Our landlocks are very near the surface after ice out.

Sewn smelt is the bait of choice over here! We only fish something else if we can't get smelt.


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