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Thanks Pan!

Now I'm a Sheep Head too.

 We may hire you to be the narator for our new fishing show thats about to be released this fall! ....more details to follow, fellow SHEEP-HEADS! ..........

.......devoknevo......"We may hire you....." SHEEP-HEADS has sponsors already? I'll take U up on that...Where do I sign? Dance, the Lindners, all those fishing shows.....look out! I can see it now....with go pro's in hand, scuba guys, and sleek (actually kind of tired now) shots of guys flyin' around on their boats with some ho-hum rock tunes in the background....... "LAKE ONTARIO- THE SHEEPIE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD!.....WITH DEVOKNEVO AND PIKEFREAK taking you on adventures, tactics, and the latest methods for that All American freshwater favorite......SHEEPHEADS".......LOL Edited by panfisher
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**** I'll do it off the pontoon if people want some one to take them out!

Get your dEvo on!!

Hey, I thought you quit sheepshead fishing?

I knew that wouldn't last long!

Go get 'em

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Cdq's dad , nice catch be hard to top that one I've caught 8/10 pounders on lite tackle that pull like crazy! That's a monster! Not swimmin in that lake again. Ha! Good job.

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