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Yankee @ the Oak 7/18-7/20

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Friday 7/18 – Returning for their 3rd consecutive year were the Miller boys. They were spoiled last year with a heck of a catch, but this year’s fishing has been slower than other years. The #1 excuse seems to be the harsh winter, and I have to buy in on that. Regardless, there is always something to catch!


Fishing started off slow. But by the end of the day the guys narrowly missed a four man limit. At one point on this trip they would hook into a QUADRUPLE with 2 fish coming on one pole! Can’t say that has ever happened before! Our Cannon downriggers were parked from 35-80’ most of the day. Our wires were out 150-200, and we ran coppers out to 500’.




Saturday 7/19 Morning – It was the third leg of the King of the Oak event, and the Miller boys were in tourney mode! We headed out around 5;30 am and went NW. We dropped in around the 26N line and worked the 27-30N lines 16-18W for most of the day. Bite was slow, but we managed to pick away at the jumbo Steelhead , and a few Salmon.


Our Salmon came on a 500 Copper, and a wire diver out 175’. Both presentations were pulling Familiar Bite herring strips. We were able to land 2 of the 3 with the biggest being 18lbs. The rest of the day the Steelhead kept us busy. Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddlers on a 55’ Cannon out and down, and a 200’ copper pulling a Lyman plug seemed to be the best for us.


For the event we finished 4th out of 20 boats. We weighed two Salmon and a really nice Steelhead.








Saturday 7/19 Afternoon – We had a nice couple from central Florida with us, and they wanted Salmon! The trip started off slow, and we took 2 or 3 shots in the first 3 hours. The last hour was magical! We put two nice Salmon in the box along with a nice Steelhead. We also dropped three other fish. Our hot rig of the night was the 200 copper pulling the Lyman plug. It took both big Salmon!




Sunday 7/20 – This group from Pittsburgh fished with us in April chasing Brown Trout, and they were out the night before with a boat that is running a few trips for us. They experienced that last hour of mass confusion when the Salmon lit up!


We headed NW out to the waypoints we’ve been working for a few days. The fish were there and they were on the feed! The catch consisted of mostly jumbo Steel, but there were a few Kings mixed in. The 200 copper was good for three fish pulling the Lyman plug. The Kings all came on our 55’ Cannon out and down pulling a gold gator with a gold 42 slider. The Frost bite was good on our 30-35’ Cannon as well. For an hour our divers got hot out 125’ on a 2 setting pulling a Salmon Viagra Stingray. 26/27N and 16/18W seemed to be best with a NW/SE troll.









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