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Fished from 6am-1pm today with my partner. We fished 26-28 line and hit some way points from yesterday. Bite was good until sun came out and cold water started moving up in the water column. Cold water is inside so still an off shore bite.

We finished 10 for 15. largest was an 18.5lb king and a 10.5 lb steelhead some skippys and 10-12 lb kings.

Hammer time spin Dr and meat was hot early taking 3 fish and another swipe and miss. Big king came on Capt Valium and mirage fly. Gator,AK47 and stingray white with green dots also took fish.


Good luck and good fishing!






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Being pretty new at this...I thought the cold water was where you wanted to be?    Everything I've seen says find the thermocline, and fish above and below it.   I know this season is screwy, but 

I have no clue any more as to where to be.


Great fish by the way!

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