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Best Cover Scent


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  1. Go higher in the tree.  Scent will be usually drift way above them.
  2. Add some stands.  Move between them so the buck can not pattern you.

I read a lot of good information.  Wind is always first consideration when hunting deer when visibility is not.


I like to pee on trees to mark my territory.  Keeps canines away.


I hunted a few different stands I have there and sat on the ground in different spots. I think I'm going to stay out of there and let it cool down until that second weekend of November. Have my new tree all picked out that will be perfect for the climber.


If you have that drainage nearby, I would take the time to piss in that so no scent is left behind.  Don't know why anyone would use scent control then "mark their territory".  Deer are inquisitive by nature.  They smell the urine and come in to check it out....then they smell your ladder steps where you placed your hand while climbing....etc. etc. and now they know you are there.  Be invisible as possible.  Leave as little scent behind.  That includes brushing your legs up against seedlings on the way to the stand.  Buck track does by smelling and tasting leaves at ground level because does will rub-urinate down the inside of their legs to gather chemical from their hocks.  As they walk thru the woods their hocks brush up against plants leaving their scent behind.  Natures way of making sure that does get bred in that small three day window that they are in heat.  Next time you see a buck slowly walking with it's head down "apparently" feeding....look closer.  Bucks will place seedling leaves in their mouth and "taste" who has brushed against it while leaving it's own saliva scent behind similar to a licking branch.  Their secret code of communication.

Yea as much as people say they pee on their tree or out of their stands I'm just way to skeptical to try it. Unless the deer around me like sugar smacks and coffee I don't think it'll help too much.

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There is some great info here guys.


I agree, the best way to cover your scent is to control it. Play the wind on EVERY sit and don't over use your spots. If possible do not sit the same stand 2 sits in a row. Don't let them pattern you. Another thing I do sometimes is save 1 stand for the perfect time. I did that last year and it worked out great. I took a nice buck on the first sit in my favorite spot and it was 11/15.


Less equals more. The less I hunt an area the more deer I see per sit.


Just my .02

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the key thing in yer favor is these are backyard deer , so they are used to human sent..young doe 1 to 2 yr olds wont be a issue as will young bucks..Um Dont Pee where ya hunt a mature doe or buck will not like that too much...bring a jug..airborn smell near houses dont alarm deer as much as fresh foot prints or clothing brushed along deep weeds along the trail..try your best to get to yer stand without walking on the deers trail...if you cross their trail they have the width of yer shoe to get yer sent if you walk 20 yds on their trail then they got 20 yds to smell yer trail,,also dont move ,rural deer rely upon their eyes a lot more than woods deer

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I used to use cover scents years ago.But now would rather smell like nothing at all.I try to eliminate as much oder as possible,by washing clothes in scent free soap,using scent elimination spray,keeping clothes in scent free totes.I don't use buck piss,except to make mock scrapes to jump start activity.I don't use doe urine unless its a doe i shoot in same area.I do these things to not alert deer to my presence.I like them to be calm and natural when i see them

You will NEVER totally eliminate or cover your human scent.Like it has been sAid...hunt the wind

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