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2015 Otisco Lake Tiger Tournament

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Steve, I went through the samething your going thru with your boat trailer with mine a couple years back.Mine was rusting away from the inside out and kept breaking in different places across the frame.I finally had to find a different used boat trailer for replacement.

My trailer is galvanized so there is no rust. With mine it is just that the spring holders are a weak point plus I think the boat was the max size for the trailer and I added the kicker and 2 more batteries. At one point I had custom springs made that were a little heftier than the original ones. I replaced the spring brackets once many years ago for the same problem. There are two points where they are prone to cracking due to stress. I had these reinforced a couple years ago by a welder. Had to leave boat at jojo's (because the axle was ready to fall out) and he took it to someone. The job he did wasn't what I has in mind and I was expecting them to crack again just where it did.

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forgot to add these pics from the tourney- hot perch and chart sucker 5" Bakers did well for us.


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