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Starcraft Islander questions.

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Do your homework the aluminum islander is a great boat the problems lay in the power plant or a certain one the 3.7 170 hp mercruiser or what's called or referee to the 460. they have exhaust manifold issues especially the closed loop cooling systems Plus the charging system has issues if it's a magneto type. On the good side repowering with a dependable engine can be cheap and easy I did it with a 165 mercruiser straight 6.a 3 liter is an easier swap . Google it if you know what engine is in it search for issues and problems it would of cost me more for a manifold than it did to go more dependable Then you have to find an uncracked manifold which will eventually crack if it's that engine in it.

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I purchased my 89 221 islander hardtop 4.3 v6 ( great engine ) with wider eyes then actually using my brain.

Issues were

1-rotten floors - they stuff so much foam in the bottom that the wooden floors never are really able to dry so the rot.

2- the transom had rot along the bottom due to water being trapped inside

3- some rivets leak due to becoming loose....

That said, its an easy to fix and work on boat because the stringers and all supports are aluminum and generally stay structurally sound.

It took me about a month to make the repairs myself and she is a sweet boat.

If you do have issues with the floor and decide to replace it as I did, make sure you cut as much foam back so that there is air space between the foam and new flooring otherwise it will just rot again pretty quick.

Replacing the transom is a little intense work ( pulling motor & peeling the top skin back ) but its very doable and not as hard as it sounds.

Good luck

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Pull mine with a 1/2 ton no problem.  When I put my floor in , I replaced the fill hose to the tank.  And made it three pieces so the center can be removed to get to the tank if needed.   Great boat.  Mine is the 3.7 , I put a real alt on it as the one in the front of the engine was overcharging.   It has the closed loop cooling and had to put new waterpump seals in it.  Working fine now.

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